Weekend getaways

Even though I survived this Valentines in flying colors, today is not such a good day. May be the repercussions of having so much fun. I’ll be honest here. I escaped from my nest. I knew I couldn’t handle it alone so I went to be with my girlfriends(there are two). We had finger licking yummy food…and we went for a romantic sort of movie and we dolled up and went to some disc and danced past midnight. We were bouncing and shaking and shouting and giving all kind of sexy moves without the company of any guy in particular. It was awesome! Yeah add on: There was this cute British guy who was hovering around after the dance. You know eye glances..small talks…sending signals..:D..so to sum it up we were even hit on that night. I didn’t ask his name..neither did he. Should have definitely asked the name! So anyway…Sunday came and fun continued with India winning against Pakistan in its first World cup match this season. There are lot of sentiments attached in us Indians when it comes to India Pak cricket match. We have got to win! I mean got to! And we did win! :). Then had coffee. And so many snaps. Happy. Fun. Moments.


So what’s wrong today? Well, I am back in my nest..and it takes little getting used to. Mind goes back thinking of the same nonexistent person, mind yearns, mind fights..mind convinces the ever so adamant mind. Mind says that the mind will find peace. I have to reach a point where I don’t need distractions to not think about him. I have heard letting go is hard. My word: It is way harder than it appears or sounds. But then again I don’t want to discuss this at length. Futile in totality. Will make my nest a happy dwelling again. And I have to get some tight sleep. I have somehow msnsgeee……see! What happens when you are sleepy and also writing up. zzzz…bbyee people..

Forecast on February


February commences today..lovey dovey month of the year. Uhh I am dreading it already. Have had such busy februaries so to speak that this one is seeming tiringly long before it has even started. Almighty the great! Get me through this month please. All the rose giving days..and the valentine’s day and etc etc. you either come up with something good or make them disappear altogether! I am amongst the hoard of weak hearted. The problem is..I have not even turned all spiteful against these days. I still like them. However silly and stupid they might seem. But whom to wish to! The idiot i liked is busy with his own problems. He’ll come around. I know that. I mean may be as a friend or some other crappy tag. He’ll be coming around. I’ll try out this Feb without a guy. :). It can’t be that bad right?! Will self pamper myself.