Friday Yay!

Today started off on a good note, I hit the gym! I occasionally run and I want to turn this into a non negotiable habit. You know what they say:


I am up for commitment to fitness, :D. Really need to update my iPod music though. Just had a realization that it is full of lovey dovey songs and no work out music.

Friday was an off here and I have a long weekend for myself. Currently, hooked, hitched and anchored to the Mirzya title track that has come out yesterday! It is from a movie based on Mirza-Sahiban love story, which intrigued me when I saw it. Turned out, theirs was a tragic end. I fail to remember having read any love story with a happy ending! It is an eternal truth I guess, the incomplete ones live on.

Have a great weekend, you all!

my Weekend Schedule

This weekend is completely dedicated to Game of Thrones, Season 6. I had been waiting for the entire season to finish, so I could watch it in one go. Cannot run around waiting for one episode after another, :P.

I even watched the last two episodes from Season 5 to get the hang of where things were left out. :D. See my behavior pattern there? I can wait longer but not for short-term. Strange.

Anyway, my favorite characters from the series are Tyrion Lannister, Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen. :). And ofcourse, love Jon Snow too.

Wish you guys a fun weekend ahead!



Cometh the weekend

imageFriday night. Wintery vibes.
Laziness sinking in.
Words ringing in, rest, repose, peace, calm, relief, phew, wow.
Some may have super fun plans ahead.
Some are already daunted by the idea of boredom in no company(c’mon you guys).
Some are going to revel in crowd, socialize, catch up, mingle.
Some would need their own space, coffee, novel, bed, a day to kill.
For some weekend is no different from other days.
While others are screaming TGIF! TGIF!
Fridays are my favorite.
Plan or no plans, they give me ample reasons to rejoice.
Don’t we just wait for them all week and push all our lump of activities to be done in the next two days!
Hair cut, laundry, movie, shopping, outing, eating, boozing, cleaning, meeting: weekend..weekend..weekend.
For this weekend, I am really looking forward to my extended sleeps, the pizza I am going to savour, painting my nails, cleaning up my room, may be cooking something. Okay let’s not plan way ahead!

I am glad you have arrived.
Love you Fridaysss!!!