Sunshine & Sweetheart Awards

Did you guys know Liebster is German for sweetheart..:)?!

I have been gifted this award by the beautiful Melinda…who is totally obsessed with all things purple and is so full of life, it reflects in each of her posts! I will earnestly accept this award, Melinda. We can have a formal ceremony for it, where we come dressed in purple! I know we both will look a zillion bucks .. 😛

Also, believe in my awesome luck to get nominated for another mushy mushy award: The Sunshine blogger award! The one to bestow this upon me was Neerja who herself is sweetness personified. Us women like to talk! You blog a gloomy post and she will show her concern. I love such people. And yes ma’am you reciprocate sunshine in my life with your comments. :). Thank you!

So, Liebster award is one great platform to know fellow bloggers and help them grow(in blogging of course). Rules are pretty simple –

  1. You get nominated, you nominate 11 other budding bloggers. Also link the person who considers you a Liebster.
  2. Answer the questions posed on you.
  3. Provide another set of 11 questions for your nominees.
  4. Thank and celebrate and jump…that’s all on your discretion!

Sunshine award is pretty much similar, just you get to decide on the count of questions. And you nominate people who kind of lit up your day with their words :)!

here are my answers Melinda:

1. When did you start blogging and why?

Oh it was an outcome of severe heart-break or sorts. Was very gloomy back in those days and thought to channel my thoughts to something good.

2. What is your favorite childhood memory?

Mom and Dad buying ice cream for me and my brother. Double scoop in cone with three flavours: Vanilla, Strawberry and Pista. Yummm. Also splashing water on my brother all the time.

3. What book are you currently reading?

I read really slow. It’s a curse. From past few days, I am reading Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. On young love.

4. What’s your favorite color?

Mustard. I like everything mustard.

5. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Waking up late nights, doing things I like. I really enjoy staying awake late, fully aware of the fact that it will take a toll on me the next morning.

6. Close your eyes, and describe a vivid scent memory.

Mm…I hugged this guy and he smelled amazing. Like ripping the clothes off amazing! Made me feel like coming home and dwelling for long. Now I miss the scent Melinda!

7. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I like how people share and care and understand whatever you write.

8. If you could travel anywhere in the world, no cost, where would you go?


9. Why did you choose that particular place?

It’s a romantic and lovely place. Looks all peaceful in the pictures I have seen.

10. If you were gifted $150, how would you treat yourself?

You give me any money, I’ll spend it on shopping. Will buy myself some clothing item.

11. Miss America, how will you bring world peace?

By promoting child education. If you make them literate, they will have an open, sensible mind to not fight for baseless issues.

Now, for Neerja’s question:

Do you believe in destiny and if yes then tell us about your one moment that made you believe in it.

Yeah, I believe in destiny. Pretty much. I cannot summarize in one moment but every nice person who has come into my life and stayed, it is somewhere destiny’s trick. Otherwise, how uncanny it is, that our paths crossed? I am more of those, “universe conspires in your favour” sort of person. One evening I was riding with my friend, seated back, kind of lost, and then parallely a bike came and a person dressed as Santa excitedly waved at me. I waved back too, smiling. Can’t tell you how happy that made me! So yeah I do believe in destiny.

Here’s the tough part: nominations and questions!

my nominations for Liebster award,













  1. Why do you blog? Apart from the fact that you love it.

2. Movies or books? What do you prefer more.

3. Favorite memory of drenching in the rain?

4. Do you tend to judge people based on their age?

5. Favourite item to shop?

6. Nocturnal or Diurnal?

7. Word that you like most, or often use?

8. You love killing time by doing what?

9. You are scared of…?

10. One harsh truth you have learnt from experience?

11. If you could time travel, you would like reliving what moment?

To my sunshines, here is your question, Share that one thing you really really really want to do, like down the lane, in future?  And the nominations,

Darshith, you do delight me up..sure thing.

Bhanu, i like your on the go solutions. Very practical indeed!

lilrants, you are pretty quirky. Actually, pretty + quirky.

No obligations, nominees! Would be very glad to hear from you though.

P.S. : This cat’s pic because I feel a little gooey today.

Rainy season and it’s pouring awards!

Where to start with..humbled, overjoyed, excited, ecstatic…yes yes..all of that! These nominations make me smile. So let’s get things done that I have been stalling from a few days.
A word of Thank You for the nominations:
Firstly to the ever so generous Darshith, who has nominated me for a bunch of them and in that moment, made me go like Whaaattttt?!!! It’s delightfully rare to see a guy with an expressive side. His posts lighten my mood!
To the beautiful Alisha who is at the very same time observative, she writes and stirs your emotions..
And Debbie who I have recently got to know in the blogging community, last I read from her was about a fun day out in Scotland! She is ever so active to respond to your comments, which I admire.

For the Starlight Blogger, Darshith gave me an option to choose amongst a set of questions and here are my picks:
How do you define *LIFE*?
Life is mysterious at many levels. I think its definition changes with what you are going through at that very moment. For now, life seems pretty cool to me, but in blink of a moment I might say Life sucks! or Life is beautiful! you never know..I never know.

*Emotions* – How do they guide an existence?
They are what differentiate us from machines…they are the reason we connect to other people. They guide our actions. Some say I have become emotionally detached but that again is an emotion of being secluded, the need to be alone. If you look around, we are all entities acting on our emotions, be it good or bad. On a lighter note, the so-called emotions in form of emoticons, I love them too!

Do you believe in Destiny?
Oh…I vehemently do! Every new person I meet, I feel destiny plays some part in it. They say a man is a maker of his own destiny and that is in a way true because our decisions, our actions have consequences; but destiny is that light at the end of every tunnel. I guess when I am low, I rely on destiny more, which is little mean of me. :D.

Okay one down!
Apart from this, I was nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award and Dragon Loyalty Award, how good a feeling it is to know you are spreading sunshine in some part of the world in some other person’s life. As far as loyalty is concerned, I will continue to be one loyal follower! 🙂
For the above three awards, my nominations are:
NJ (Neerja)

Now about Creative blogger award, I find this one a little too over-whelming! 😀 and as it happens, I have been nominated for this before(A Certain Creative Blogger Award)
But there is nothing wrong in yielding five more facts about yourself right?! so here they go:
1. I am a Taurean, and despite of calling it a no big deal, I do read my sun-sign and happen to rejoice if they write something nice. The other day it said: “Little voices are whispering in your ear today, Taurus.” and I was like…ooo really! Basically I enjoy reading my horoscope.
2. Love to play Sudoku, and try getting better at it.
3. Injuries give me creeps; have a habit of making HUGE deal out of TINY scratches.
4. Typical girl trait: Don’t like it if some girl has the same bag/dress/shoes that I bought recently.
5. Loooooove dark chocolates.

I would nominate:
Lauren (i think I have nominated you before too! If so..just bear with me)
Ginni Deville

For the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers, here are my answers Debbie, and luckily I have done this before, so my nominees can find the questions here:
Ahoy Sisters!

1- What inspire you to become a blogger?
The fact that there are many things I can’t easily talk about but can certainly write on!

2- An item you never forget to bring along with you?
My wallet I guess, and my iPod…feel incomplete without it.

3- Favourite type of food?
Home cooked food, probably because I am too lazy in cooking and love those rare occassions when my mom cooks for me.

4- Favourite type of movie?
Romantic ones I guess…or atleast if they have some sort of emotional connect.

5- Are you able to go out without using any makeup?Why?
Yeah would be an understatement to say I am new to makeup…fact is I am no where close to the knowledge of makeup. Never pondered over it much, I do like getting dressed up though! 😀

6- Which topics makes you follow a blog?
If I relate to anything mentioned in the blog, I follow. Also, travel blogs intrigue me. I instantly get an urge to visit those places and do those things.

7- Who is the person you most admire?Why?
Satan, that is the nickname for my best friend. I like his outlook on life, the way he never really worries, his know-it-all trait and his childlike innocence. He is faulty at many levels and I admire him for accepting that.

8- Getting old or being immortal?
I guess getting old. There is one phrase about “getting old gracefully”, I quite like it. I want to have many many many beautiful moments in the process of getting old.

9- Favourite musical instrument?
Guitarrrrrr…Like the sound of it, love the feel of it, I suck at regularly practising it and one day I will beautifully play it! Amen.

10- Something you can’t live without?
I will give a frivolous answer for this one..can’t do without my shoes..I have loads and loads of them..different varieties.

My nominations for this award are:
Lindsay Rose

Wow this got pretty long..All done! Have a good day people!
P.S. : Nominees don’t feel obligated, I am telling you before hand.