To sum up turning 25

Haven’t I spoken enough already on my birthday!..but well..when I can bash out my friends on a public forum, I guess they do deserve some applauds where the credit is due. Well, lots of good wishes, gifts, cake, smiles. I won’t say much. Pictures can do the talking.



For the love of my shoes, I got a shoe rack. And then I got a parcel that said: This gift box contains emotions. :D. Customized chocolates. Birthday cake with a message on how I should not panic about turning 25! I mean my friends rocked my birthday. Completely nailed it! My brother called me up (which again was an achievement) and my mum dad were as always showering me with the looooove.

I don’t know why do I complain so much! Girl, look around and smile.

So anyway, I wanted to write on some other stuffs, but today is just a day for being grateful. And humble. :P. Will sign off here.

Forecast on February


February commences today..lovey dovey month of the year. Uhh I am dreading it already. Have had such busy februaries so to speak that this one is seeming tiringly long before it has even started. Almighty the great! Get me through this month please. All the rose giving days..and the valentine’s day and etc etc. you either come up with something good or make them disappear altogether! I am amongst the hoard of weak hearted. The problem is..I have not even turned all spiteful against these days. I still like them. However silly and stupid they might seem. But whom to wish to! The idiot i liked is busy with his own problems. He’ll come around. I know that. I mean may be as a friend or some other crappy tag. He’ll be coming around. I’ll try out this Feb without a guy. :). It can’t be that bad right?! Will self pamper myself.

Novelty route..

This new year…even if figuratively speaking, is giving me lot of positive vibes about it. I am going with the flow. I am not putting much thought into things. I met this guy the other day…and in middle of something he noticed the weird brown color of my eyes..and i have been through that “oh your eyes are different..beautiful” so many times…and i responded my usual “yeah..i have heard that”..but it still felt good. Made me smile. My inside nerves were kind of surprised..that okay, i am feeling content in the moment. We walked…and spoke…and walked some more..and i have lost track of the responses i evoke when a guy is looking at me..but the funny thing is I still blush. It was like am dusting off an old book from yore. The uncertainities when meeting a new person are plenty and i guess that makes it so easy. You are not expecting anything and there is no load on your shoulders. I know life goes on…and people come people go….am not analysing it much. May be it’s better to be in the moment. My friends are pretty relieved and happy that i met some person! It’s endearing to realize how they are always there. And it’s funny how they enquire and speculate. Mind says: Take it easy.


When situation goes bad..or say worst…beyond repair condition..why not find some humour in it! That might lighten your mood..will make you smile..will remind you life is as easy as you make it in your head. My best friend gave me some perspective the other day. I utterred: it should have happened this way. I wanted it to happen this way. And he replied: what is there to be sad? there could have been only two outcomes. Chances existed for either of the two to happen. And I was like: who preconceives bad stuff in their head? He said: but you will have to be prepared for both sides right!
It made me ponder. Why o why do we only imagine things the way we want? There were 50-50 chances from the very beginning. Why can’t the brain stop working on its whims and falsely creating notions on the positive 50 percent. Why don’t we gauge the bad outcomes as well. And if it’s tough. Why not give it a rest. Not ponder at all. I think that will do me good. Might even work for you guys!

I will now proceed to do some trivial tasks of painting toe nails. :P. Frivolity is better than fallacy!