Petty girly affairs

Anxious night ahead…I shopped and shopped today and then I stopped by a small shop on my way back home and forgot half of my baggage over there..what an idiot I am! Have to go back tomorrow morning and check if it is still there. @!?#*$~!?!!!! I stay all lost while traveling…I remember reading a middle aged man’s t-shirt on the way. It said:
“Laziness rule #1.
If you can’t reach it
You don’t need it”
I smiled seeing it. Amidst this hurried lost state of mind, I abandoned my belongings. Didn’t even look for it till late midnight. Plus, a restless person that I am..I won’t get sleep thinking about the 278 different scenarios that could have happened to it or with it. Why dear fate do you work in mysterious ways…it could have been a lazy Sunday night..cozy sleep..saccharine dreams..and now I lie awake waiting for the morning to arrive.
Sometimes my thoughts do trespass to a broader horizon where I ask myself..why such a fuss over superficial things? Why not just rest for a while. What if you lost a pretty dress. You’ll get another one. But these are just words. Reality bite: I am superficial to an extent. Let’s just accept things the way they are. If I lose on the dress tomorrow..Well I won’t encourage unsolicited ifs and buts for now. Time is taking its own sweet time. I don’t reckon what lies ahead. Not tomorrow morning nor the days after that.


I am on the verge of asking myself: Why do I shop?
Here is a long list of answers.
– it makes me happy..
– it burns a hole in my pocket but oh the feeling of satisfaction!
– when i am angry it calms me down
– when i am upset it cheers me up
– gives me new reasons to take cute pics with my new stuff!
– stands on my belief that we are young and carefree and there to spend! Not save for the future of our not yet born kids.
– Pampers me darn so much
– i love the feeling when you gift something to someone…and the way they smile from cheek to cheek!
– it’s like when you don’t have a guy, you can always buy a fur coat that will keep you warm.
– the rush that you get when there is “only 1 left in stock” and you have got to have it now!
– discounts are so luring #30% #cashbacks #endofseason #gosf etc etc.
– makes the time with my girl friends so much fun.
– you buy something and then you die to show it to your special someone and wait for what they have to say
– then there is this syndrome you have got…where something you really liked but didn’t purchase haunts you. Literally stalks your mind.

People come to this life with a purpose, some agenda…i guess i was born to shop and never stop..EVER!