Friday Yay!

Today started off on a good note, I hit the gym! I occasionally run and I want to turn this into a non negotiable habit. You know what they say:


I am up for commitment to fitness, :D. Really need to update my iPod music though. Just had a realization that it is full of lovey dovey songs and no work out music.

Friday was an off here and I have a long weekend for myself. Currently, hooked, hitched and anchored to the Mirzya title track that has come out yesterday! It is from a movie based on Mirza-Sahiban love story, which intrigued me when I saw it. Turned out, theirs was a tragic end. I fail to remember having read any love story with a happy ending! It is an eternal truth I guess, the incomplete ones live on.

Have a great weekend, you all!

Musings #004

If I have a day to kill, I make sure I kill it with wasteful pondering. Even if I have a lump of chores to finish, I would choose to sit back and think instead. All this time, I am completely aware that I am wasting my time, but I do it anyway.

imageOne good thing I did today was get up early and go on a walk/run/mix of both. My brain didn’t stop there as well. There is this shackled sort of animated character inside me that is so darn willing to break the chains. Move past. Be positive and what not. Whoever coined this term of being in peace with oneself…please hand me the instruction manual to do the same. I do a lot of things when I am alone. The useful things just reach my head as an idea and futile ones, they come like the storm.

So anyway, one interesting idea to hit me was that of a solo trip. Mmmmmmmm?!!! Can I, can I not. If I could, it would really be terrific. Who would click my pics, well there is auto mode. Would it be odd? I guess not. Too bold? little bold. What’s stopping me? Nothing in particular, just a tad bit of hesitation. I’ll get there in due time. Let’s see.