Home Struck

Roots. Places you belong to. The home where your heart is. Roads that you have treaded for years, time and again. People who have shaped what you are today. Surroundings where your childhood crackled; your teenage strolled, snooping and sneaking. The laughter, the fights. You have been through it all, right here. Your base foundation. The soil whose scent you cannot wane. A place that holds memories so many, you can’t ever finish recollecting.

We tend to drift away. We change and grow and evolve. We meet new people, see new places, plan on seeing newer places. Move to greener pastures and similar stuff. Our roots though, they are instilled like how salt dissolves into water. Not much to say today. Just that, NEVER forget your roots people.

Time, no matter!

I scroll through my cell phone. There is this neediness in me seeking one person I can talk my heart out to. I realize it is not going to help. In silent introspection, it dawns upon me that I am not seeking someone. I am only yearning for you. It makes sense too. How could a Lime Soda quench one’s thirst for Coke? Sure it will keep me full for a while but it won’t work as right. So I leave my cell as it is. Truly speaking, I am not even yearning. You have left me convincingly destructed though. Come and see for yourself.

When people decide to leave you, why don’t they leave a manual behind with “What to do next?” notes. How exasperating it is to toil day and night, smile, talk, engage and then look down at your hands, close your eyes and say to yourself, it is fine; you’ll be fine. Yeah people who care, they say, don’t romanticize your situation girl! But I will ask, why not? How do I not? It is coming to me naturally. The agony. The trouble. The restlessness. The sleeplessness. The craziness. The abruptness. Each one attacking like a storm. I feel like some abandoned bad habit. Actually, no. Even bad habits get their own time to wane. So what happens now? Of people like me, who dig too deep emotionally? Till I don’t find an answer, I will keep shutting my eyes and reassuring myself, it’s alright. It is all fine.

My Chums ✨


Friendship day is around the corner and I am a sucker for these “Not really-an-occasion still celebrating it” days! So, I would take this day as an opportunity/excuse to tell you guys about my pals. Now why would that interest you? because, I am sure you have friends too and in the process, we can mutually relate and rant!

Friends come in all sizes and shapes, you got to treasure them and at times bear with them as well. I have got a weird set and will use their nicknames here, because who lashes out on their friends publically? 😀
Anyway, here goes:
There is Satan; satan because he is devil’s spawn. The type of friend whose mention keeps recurring in your blog. Because you adore them darn so much! The one you tag as BFF. You happen to mention them so many times that it actually gets irritating for others. The one you have solid trust on. Whose phone number you don’t have to look up in your contact card. And the one who catches your every nerve..whether you are angry, jolly or sad!

Then I have Deba, the eccentric kinds. You never know what new idea he will come up with next. Let’s study together! Let’s play a song together! Let’s go to foreign land. This one falls under MAD category. Will mock you on every chance they get but will also go out of their way to help you out. The type of friend you are at your comfortable best with. You don’t struggle on deciding what to wear when you are meeting them, which is pretty cool. 🙂 .

Su, she is the sensible one. If you are diving off an edge of a cliff, she will be the one to shout out if your safety belt is fastened or not. Yeah, the caring kinds. The ones who pamper you to an extent that when you meet new people you feel like a kid on first day of his kindergarten. You barely have a fight with them. Even your parents love them. The type of friend you can have late night conversations with, about practically nothing or something!

Fu, my nemesis, the friend I have a love hate relation with. There will be days, when I strictly do not feel like talking to her and then come days when she becomes my dire need. She is amongst those friends who get on your nerves, who will always smart mouth you; the one you always end up arguing with; at days you feel like killing them(at least I feel so!) but you won’t let them go because conclusively you love them.

Robot, okay this one is a tricky friend I possess. Doesn’t hang out with my usual friends, won’t have regular conversations like friends do; quite a recluse, yet we stay befriended(if that is grammatically correct). He is the kind of friend, you have had complications with (aka history) and some grounds are really shaky. But then I care. He cares. It is somewhat like can’t do with them, can’t do without them!

Chunks, my best shopping partner. Before purchasing anything I keep mine as well as her choice in mind. :D. The friend you enjoy girly time with, the friend you kind of love to flaunt.

DN, we guys don’t call each other up for months. Are unaware on our whereabouts but there are some friends who have been there since forever. He falls under that category.

Viveks, Gro, Vish, Shwets, part of the circle. We hang. We crack jokes. We share updates of other members in the circle. We meet seldom, but when we do, it’s party all night! Yeah, party all night!

Ty and 100gm: my long distance school time buddies. Have to be mentioned. Ty is my solace when world is spinning around. And 100gm and I have such fun school memories! Friends you catch up in long times and who take you back to your roots.

That is all I guess..!
Do tell me, what crazy bunch you have to deal with?!

Quotes #3 : and the Challenge!

I don’t know who wrote this quote, but it holds good for my current state of mind. Also, posting it as part of the Quote challenge Neerja nominated me for. This is Day 1. Thank you Neerja!


Well I nominate:




You guys might have already taken the challenge but I think you are pretty good with quotes..so the nominations..:).