Quotes #4


Here is a quote for day 2 of the Quote Challenge. Jane Austen is someone I rely on for solutions; I agree to her opinions and I laugh at her humour. Love the author. About the quote: I don’t like vain people. They give me an itchy feeling. :D.

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Curbing Cynicism

Once you have seen something bad…been through something wrong..your mind becomes cautious. You don’t trust easily…you doubt every good action done to you…you read between the lines…watch every step you take with circumspection. The spontaneity you once fostered is missing..you are wary of taking a full dive this time..you are scared to put your efforts into something new..with the fear of consequences. How wrong could it go? How bad could it be? You’ll hit the ground again? One should never stop believing in miracles. That’s what I have read..seen a zillion times in movies..heard in motivational talks.

If one scheme of happiness fails, human nature turns to another; if the first calculation is wrong, we make a second better.

I guess Jane Austen is trying to put some sense into me from the yore. Your past may be blue, grey or yellow. It won’t help you determine your present or future’s tint. So I would say..Jump in, again!