Tending towards Negative…Be Positive!

This weekend has been a relaxing one. A little too relaxing I would say. When you are not doing anything, your mind runs in myriad directions. It dwells into the past, it tries to foresee the future. Either way, you sit back and contemplate and draw new conclusions for yourself. I have had very less interaction with the outside world since last three days and ample of time to ponder. Probably one of the reasons why I am writing down right now. I slept, went out for a stroll, I ate, I shopped, I read the news, and now I am writing. I could talk to my friends but I would rather not for today. Some are away. I guess the ones I wanna talk to are away. Anyway. There I was wondering, given to my weekend free time. Procrastination could be coined as a disease. It’s doing me lot of harm. I have activities lined up in my head and no urge to carry them forward. No push. No zeal. If only, something inside me could twist and curl and turn me all spunky! More disciplined. About my guitar lessons, my routine, about my unfinished novels, about numerous other stuff. I want to outgrow these stupid little weekend thoughts. Work it girl! There is no other go. They won’t have a cure as they haven’t termed it a disease yet. May be I’ll come up with a more activity-filled article next weekend if things go right. If my head works right I mean!


New year and Christmas are around the corner. Festive zeal all around. You cannot avoid it. Even if you want, it will peek through the decorated walls, shops, and some overly enthusiastic people around you. Love this time of the year. Have been through so many “new years” over and over again, but the excitement always catches on, sooner or later. There is this eerie feeling that the year gone by is slipping through your hands…like some part of your life is taking a new turn. And things will change, whether you want them to or not. Few wait in sanguinity, that the next year will be something great! Like they are going to kill it this year! Some get apprehensive. Some find new years over-rated. I, for some reason feel queer about it. I want to befriend this new year and extract few information about the days to come. Insecure that I am, I want to ask it all sort of questions:

Are you going to be on my side?
Are you going to disappoint me? If so, please warn me beforehand.
Just out of curiosity, why do you always seem to be in a hurry?
Could you please keep track of my spendings and make me little richer this time?
You are going to make me one year older, won’t you make up for it, you know, by balancing it with hotness?
Will i grab on super shopping deals this time around?
Will my brain get any bigger?
Would you, now would you, make me meet an awesome guy? Don’t you think I have had enough dorks for a life time.
Would you make sure I don’t lose my friends, and they don’t go out of touch?
Would you care to give me more natural moments this time? You know the tangible ones and less of technicalities and materialistic joys?
And would you for the love of god! make this time’s new year resolution work! Not let it fade so fast?

I guess new year will respond something akin to: “pooof…you girls and your questions!”
I think I need to stop conversing with non-living things.

People who are thrilled about the year to come..:)..i am with you..and people who aren’t. Please do give it a chance.