One step above trivialities

What do writers do? Do they think a lot…do they travel a lot…do they feel passionately about something…have they suffered a lot..I don’t even call myself a writer..but I am curious to know. I wonder how I still haven’t found my footing. I am in the middle of things…I am trying this..and doing that…I haven’t yet pursued anything with utmost passion. I have a job and I do it seriously, but passionate? I just find things interesting. In that moment of interest I might seem really boosted up..and into it. And then my interest wanes. Does that make me a halka-fulka(that is hindi for light weight) person? Am I too frivolous to be taken seriously. Probably because I never take myself seriously? Motivational talks don’t work on me. They might hold me captivated for a week and then it’s all downhill from there. At this moment I feel I am being more words and lesser action. What if I stick onto something even after my interest has faded. Yeah..that won’t work right. I don’t know I talk here as if I am talking one on one to people. :P. I always write things like..keep it simple..take it light…may be I need to get serious about something. Really follow it up with discipline. I read someone’s status the other day: find that one thing you love and let it kill you. Humm. Food for thought?!


I am on the verge of asking myself: Why do I shop?
Here is a long list of answers.
– it makes me happy..
– it burns a hole in my pocket but oh the feeling of satisfaction!
– when i am angry it calms me down
– when i am upset it cheers me up
– gives me new reasons to take cute pics with my new stuff!
– stands on my belief that we are young and carefree and there to spend! Not save for the future of our not yet born kids.
– Pampers me darn so much
– i love the feeling when you gift something to someone…and the way they smile from cheek to cheek!
– it’s like when you don’t have a guy, you can always buy a fur coat that will keep you warm.
– the rush that you get when there is “only 1 left in stock” and you have got to have it now!
– discounts are so luring #30% #cashbacks #endofseason #gosf etc etc.
– makes the time with my girl friends so much fun.
– you buy something and then you die to show it to your special someone and wait for what they have to say
– then there is this syndrome you have got…where something you really liked but didn’t purchase haunts you. Literally stalks your mind.

People come to this life with a purpose, some agenda…i guess i was born to shop and never stop..EVER!