I love mangoes and how!

fresh-mango-780371The heat is soaring here in Bangalore and the weather occupies too much of my mind to be thinking about anything else. That persistent  craving to go take another bath, the no ends tan, the discomfort in clothing…all regular hot weather grievances. Although, one thing I absolutely adore about the summer season: Mangoes! I patiently wait for this time of the year when I can relish these sweet little things in all their glorified forms: milkshakes, fruit slices, ice-creams, you name it. Immense love out there. So much so that I am posting about mangoes here. Not a food fanatic but yeah, this fruit fanatic!

Apart from this, life is going good. Living it, one day at a time. Not much contemplation; not much of trepidation. Finding ways to smile in little things. Accepting the way certain people are, not letting it space out my peace of mind.

P.S. This weekend’s highlight was watching SRK’s movie FAN, which I read a lot about, also loved; and then me buying mangoes and eating them and going crazy over them.

Monday, sure, Welcome!

SRK turns 50!

imageOkay, so I am this big fan of Shahrukh Khan. Not a fan by protocol though; I don’t collect his posters, or by heart his dialogues, nor have I watched his movies a zillion times. But I totally admire him to the very core. He is like this huge phenomenon in India. Some hate him, many love him; I am amongst those loyal breed of fans. “Good or bad, I’ll always root for you” sort of breed. And it is not an acquired taste. I have grown up watching his movies, uttering his corny movie dialogues, reading his boastful magazine interviews, defending him in front of my critical friends; if people would be like: he is losing his charm, my face would turn into a frown and my reaction: yeah, sure. You have a mouth, speak whatever! (mighty sensitive)

I hoot like a crazy woman every time I go to his movies. I listen to his interviews with utmost attention, as if I have to give an exam on it a day later. Some people grow on you and then you just want well for them, no matter what. So, blind adulation it is. All the way. <3.

And on his 50th, I treated myself with chocolate pastry(It is kind of my way to celebrate little occasions).


Crazy solo fan club

I cannot count the number of random thoughts I get in a day. Fight this. Fight that. One day I am all positive, the other day, exact opposite. I am not liking normal mankind these days. Everybody seems selfish. Or indifferent. The most annoying thing: daily I dig up one reason to miss this guy! Like okay, I haven’t ruminated over this topic yet…let’s grill my head with these thoughts today. I am on some self destructive mode. Don’t understand WHYYY?! And I am sorting it all on my own. If I look from an outsider’s perspective, I’ll definitely suggest myself some counsellor. But it’s not that serious an issue. May be just a matter of time. Or so I am praying. I just cannot sink in the feeling that after knowing me how can someone decide not to have me in their life. Full on adorable and funny I am! Anyway, complicated or whatever shit that is, I have to accept it.
Let me talk about something that perks me up. Yeah, SRK movies. I am a biggggg fan of Shah Rukh Khan. Every annoying thing he does on TV, no matter how stupid, how boastful, how silly, i love it all. It’s like blind adulation. Nothing affects my stand on that. And what to say, I have grown up watching his movies again and again and again. Nowadays when his movies release, I’ll be all apprehensive and I’ll pray to God that please let it be a HIT. Let it be good. Let people love it. It’s all the way craziness for him. Anyone and everyone who talks bad about him offends me. So, I prefer not to discuss at all. Or otherwise I might throw things at them :D. Stupidly enough, i even have a pic of him in my clutch. Nothing done on intention, but there are these weight machines in railway stations where you put a coin and they give out a slip telling your weight on one side and some random character trait of yours. So this one had SRK’s pic and I just couldn’t get rid of it. :P. Anyway, ciao for today! My mood seems better.