Nights like this

Have you ever missed someone you don’t even know properly? Like the idea of not seeing them again makes you kinda sad. It wasn’t anything. But you suddenly feel very lonely.

The mind plays strange games. There is nothing to hold on to, no reason whatsoever. A tiny glimpse here and there. A feeling. A hunch. An intuition. That’s all.

Some people you connect to in an inexplicable way. You somehow just align perfectly to their world, which is very different from yours. Their presence brings a smile to your face. And their absence is felt too. Your people. But not really yours.

I can’t really explain. Just sad about something that is out of my control. The theme of my thought pool is ‘yearning’. Yearning for a soul that would probably understand why I am feeling the way I am feeling. A tiny speck of wish that this isn’t the end.

If I could hold on to some moments. And not suffer in this internal anguish.

The moon



If a person is taking their guard down, sincerely making an effort to see you happy, expressing their fears and insecurities in moments of doubt; When you know it is not going to be just pink and peaches but also sombre shades of grey on some days. When you secretly feel universe has conspired and made you stumble across each other’s path. Even after all that has been done and dusted, when someone manages to bring a smile on your face. When they hug you and are in no rush to let go. When you are too happy and scared at the same time because nothing lasts forever. What do you do? Do you take the plunge?

Have I found my missing piece of puzzle?


Momentary lapse

I wish your eyes spoke exactly what my eyes heard, in that moment.

I wish our words found a little more than a few seconds for exchange.

I wish we weren’t so alike and our worlds so different.

I wish we didn’t have enough reasons to run amok; that we weren’t so flawed.

I wish our silliness could go on, no formalities to pile on.

Sometimes, I wish the time to stop and not pass me by.

Sometimes these things, you just can’t deny.