Pricky Situation

Hand me a family pack of ice cream or a jumbo bag of chips to churn on, that will last through the day. Because that is all I want to do; sit in a blank space and muse over you. Skip my chores and ruminate. Vanish away from these social etiquettes and prance around, like I did, knowing that you own some bit of me. Sit by the beach, have some corn and memorize you in detailed bits and pieces. Sip on a really large mug of coffee and laugh about our silly innuendos. May be I am craving for food, may be I am yearning for you. It is hard to say. I don’t want to be appeased. And food is not going to quench my appetite. So, I just come here and write. With no intentions in mind.

Note to self: Have to shift to happier posts soon.


Plainly Put

I am happy jolly good…but honestly I miss you..
I am so busy with my life these days…yet I miss you..
Things are going great, work is catching up pace..and out of the blue I miss you..
This cute guy made a move on me today..darn I miss you..
I heard this soulful song another day..amidst that I miss you..
Rains..the cold..the breeze…make me smile..and there I miss you..
I am all there and yet I am not there..because I miss you..
I steal moments from my day..just so, for a while I can miss you..
Oh I nod…and I respond…I giggle and insides though..they miss you..
I very well hate admitting it to myself..still can’t help if I miss you..
Something crumbles..I guess my feel you close a moment goes without missing you..
You interrupt every where..occupy my mind on every step..I get confused whether breathing comes as easy as missing you..
There…this guy and gal are walking past..fondling along the way..moron..get it that I miss you..
Nights have changed their vocation…instead of making me fall asleep..they go away in missing you..
May be I am not supposed to act this crazy, may be there is a sane route to do this, but fuck man, I miss you.

P.S. not a poem..scribbling you may call it.

Back to roots!

It is July already! Retrospection time may be for what I have done in half a year. Won’t dwell. I have been pretty occupied in my office lately. Have been deviating from my usual habits. There was this flash mob which took place last Thursday and which I was a part of. We used to have daily practice sessions in between office hours and some how I managed to sneak away from my seat…my insides feeling guilty about skipping my work..what to do? It was so much fun. Few things I realized..I don’t gel too soon. I get talked on a lot about being thin..which is now wearing me out a little! Then, I totally enjoy dancing,…this I knew but got in love with sweat during this period..and meeting other people who were a part of it. Lastly, I think could have faired better as a boy! I mean I love being a girl…and I have some of those feminine traits(shopping..worrying..etc.) but here I was amongst a bunch of girls, of all kinds..and I felt so out of place..I didn’t gossip..I didn’t talk about my weight..I didn’t feel like talking about guys…I didn’t have any clue on make up, touch up what so ever..and then when my friend saw me in the flash mob group pic…she could have done better with your clothes..and I was like yeah whatever! Sometimes it can be more about living the moment than those outer crust how were you looking , how good did you dance and whether you took the selfie or not. In that moment..I had thousand volts of fun. Hindi songs..Telugu song..Kannad song..Gasolina…Lungi! I was all there and enjoying it. :). Guys asserted their love for rear ends by hooting everytime we took a turn. :D. One girl bombed our dance in between and we had a good amount of laugh later when we saw the video. I guess I will mark this day as a good memory and probably that is why the blog!