If a person is taking their guard down, sincerely making an effort to see you happy, expressing their fears and insecurities in moments of doubt; When you know it is not going to be just pink and peaches but also sombre shades of grey on some days. When you secretly feel universe has conspired and made you stumble across each other’s path. Even after all that has been done and dusted, when someone manages to bring a smile on your face. When they hug you and are in no rush to let go. When you are too happy and scared at the same time because nothing lasts forever. What do you do? Do you take the plunge?

Have I found my missing piece of puzzle?


Weeehoooo…Awards post!

Yeah right….like I am a celebrity! 😀

I couldn’t muster up the energy so long, for this post. The thoughts kept running in my head like…if I am gloomy how could I write something happy. How would the joy reflect? These award nominations make me immensely cheerful and I decided I would step out of my slumber mood, go ahead and do it.


First and foremost, it was Rene who nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger award. You can just visit her blog and witness sunshine! She seems to me one energy packed person. Thank you for the award Rene…here are my answers to your quirky questions:
1.What is your favorite Stephen King novel? Why? If you don’t read his books, why not? What’s wrong with you? (Just kidding!)
I would say, I wasn’t acquainted with him so far. Yeah, probably something is wrong with me there and now that I have been enlightened on this, I am ordering his book, not out of obligation but because I enjoy ghost stories.

2.Do you chew gum? What is your favorite flavor/brand?
I do at times. Not for the taste but for how one’s mouth looks so cool when chewing it. :D. Bad-ass sorts.   I like Boomer, they have it in India. As a kid, I used to collect tattoo stickers that came along with it.

3.Do you like rollercoasters? Wooden or steel?
I love rollercoasters. All kinds. They get me shit scared and I still go, all pumped up. Then I scream.

4.What is the longest stretch of time you have ever stayed awake? How were you feeling before you finally fell asleep?
I didn’t quite keep track of time. Normally, I cannot sleep if something is bugging me, if I am distressed. A recent turmoil kept me awake for two-three nights. Then the current went off and I had no option left but to sleep. I guess I felt tired. That would be the general feeling.

5.Have you ever watched a movie with your parents where you were embarrassed by something that came on-screen? How did you/they react?
Uhh it is super awkward every time that happens. Mostly I would be very smart in choosing the movie but sometimes you cannot help if suddenly the actor actress go bananas over each other and start making out like gorillas. I just look at the screen and pray it ends soon(and also make a mental note to see it later, alone!) 😀

6.Do you think that humankind will ever colonize in space?
I think that would happen, with the speed that we are advancing in Science. I would like to be alive to see it.

7.What is the most over-rated movie to ever be revered? Why don’t you like it?
I don’t quite like animated movies in general and there is always so much buzz surrounding them. I just don’t relate. I don’t hate them but yeah animations would be my answer.

8.Olive Garden: delicious not so fast Italian food, or restaurant that should be destroyed and never seen again?
I haven’t tried it yet. Sorry, might have to skip this question.

9.How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Oh..forty something…yeah I went ahead and roughly counted! I love them all.

10.Favorite movie with Bill Murray?
I guess Charlie’s Angels is his only movie that I have watched.

11.What is your favorite kid’s book? What do you like about it?
As a kid, my mom used to buy me a lot of fairy tales(she has pampered me a little too much). So all those stories with a damsel in distress and a prince coming up to her rescue, love brewing in between them, happily ever after endings, I loved them. Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow white….love them all!
There was another ray of sunshine falling on my block with nomination from Allison (allirae21). A very interesting and happy feely blog she owns, I must say. Do check it out! Thank you for nominating me and here are my answers:
1. What would be your dream job, if there were no obstacles in the way of you landing that job?
I have nothing huge in my mind, I would love to teach some day as a profession.
2. Where is your next vacation going to be? And if it’s not planned out yet, where are you hoping to go?
I am going to Goa very soon; it’s all beaches and I will be meeting my close pals. I am excited for this one! I love vacations. If I could surmise, I would say I earn only to go on vacations and to shop. :D.
3. What is your favorite season and why?
Winters. The chill. The shivers. The warmth of woollen clothes. The fun of having ice cream in winters! And I think winters are quite romantic too.
4. What was the last movie you watched?
It was a pathetic Hindi movie, Hero, yeah pathetic would suffice. My friend dragged me into it. Yeah, I get dragged along often.
5. What is your favorite go-to snack?
French fries. M lovin’ it! 🙂
Ain’t it bursting awards or what?! This kind-hearted soul, nimz, nominated me for the Brotherhood of the bloggers award. Brotherhood is a powerful term and I love the bonding it emanates. Sometimes my friends call me bro! 😀 Thanks for considering me nimz, here are my answers:
1.What according to you is a miracle? Have you experienced any?
Miracles….i think nature in itself is an absolute miracle. I mean, look around and you will be spellbound.
2.What you think is your best quality?
I care. I care a lot. I think that is a good as well as harmful quality.
3.Are you someone who reacts spontaneously or some one who will take a step after thinking twice and thrice?
Spontaneous. I don’t put much thought. I do things I like, go on my instincts. I do fiddle while deciding but then if it’s meant to be done, it’s done.
4.Have you came across any life changing moment? What is it?
Seeing myself living as an adult is a life changing moment. I was never up for it. I learnt in tiny strides. Still doing.
5.Describe yourself in a word.
Whimsical. :).
Last and of course not the least, Neerja (NJ) nominated me for Premio Dardos Award. Something I heard for the first time from her. It means Prize Darts in English. It’s given in a healthy blogger spirit for creative/original writing. Thank you Neerja! First time I visited her blog, I felt oh I can relate. Her blog title is ametalk..and when I read it, I was like wow, people put so much effort into their blog titles. :)!  I am delighted for the nomination.


So guys, you know ample about me now, that’s what awards do. And these award posts get pretty long, so thank you readers for taking interest and reading till this point.
I would nominate following people for the Sunshine Blogger award:





Mr Tookles


I am not framing ten questions but I would like you to share the first thought you get when you hear these words…1. Opposite sex 2. Ice cream 3. Internet 4. First kiss 5. Song on your mind 6. Long Drives 7. Marriage 8. Nights 9. Prized Possession 10. Fear

That would be it. Have a great day, you all!

Ahoy Sisters!

So..this time it is Sisterhood of the world bloggers award. I feel overjoyed and humbled at the same time. I hardly knew such awards existed when I first started blogging…good or a way they do instigate you to keep writing. I guess that is certainly a good thing! 🙂
I got nominated by Lauren who is the cutest girl around in my blogspace..she is earthly and real and intelligent..She will frown on crappy things and rejoice on happy reading her posts..even love her blog title.. guys have got to check it out!

Alright..rules are pretty simple…you get nominated…you nominate other bloggers..and since it is the sisterhood…this time nominate only fellow girlie girls! Answer the questions you have been asked and then present your nominees the questions of your choice. So here are my answers to Lauren’s questions:

1. Why did you start blogging?
A guy had broken my heart and I wasn’t finding any comfort in talking to people around one of those days…blogging just was impromptu. And all is well now. :).

2. Do you like to read? If so, what book(s) would you recommend?
I do like to read, but I guess I am not a voracious reader. I love Jane Austen’s Persuasion and yeah I like Dan Brown’s novels. Currently read John Green’s Fault in our stars but it is a sob fest!

3. Do you prefer Converse or Toms?
I am more of those flip flops girl.. 😀 .but if you ask Converse..Toms haven’t much catched on in India yet.

4. What are some things that girls in their twenties should do? (any advice?)
Trips and lots of trips..and not holding yourself back from something you really want to do! Should do what your mind says. :). Age no bar.

5. What is your favorite Disney movie?
Well…right now Tangled is coming to my mind..i liked that movie.

6. If you could visit anywhere in the United States, where would you go?
Haven’t yet..but if I do visit I’ll try and cover a big slice..:)..New York first.

7. Do you have a pet?
Nooo…but I so darn wish. Want to keep a turtle or a bird. Just scared if I would be able to give it due care.

8. [This is stolen from Nicole, but it ‘s a great question!] What is your favorite quote and why?
I don’t have a “favourite” quote in particular, i love this one from “Flipped”:

Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss; but every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and once you do, nothing will ever compare.

9. Pick a super-power you would want for a day.
I would want to fly and meet all of my loved ones in that one day.

10. What is your favorite family tradition?
Whenever we gather up..which is not very often…we go for picnics..I just love that time. And then there is this singing game antakshari that my family plays..I and my bro will team up against mom dad. It is super fun!

My Nominations:

Questions for my ladies:
1. What drives you to write?
2. Five must haves when you are travelling?
3. Do you ever get jealous of your girl friends? And do you think it is normal?
4. What is you favorite thing to shop?
5. What is the most likeable thing about you, according to you?
6. Give me one good song that comes to your mind right now?
7. Nights or days?
8. One TV show you can watch over and over again? (Friends in my case)
9. What do you like about old times? 90s.
10. Say you were a guy instead of a girl, what difference would it make? (Apart from you missing on this nomination 😀 )

Liebster Award

Hi all! I was nominated for the Liebster Award by shaudvr and I am supposed to answer the questions she put forward. This is something I am new to, but anyway makes me glad you nominated me shaudvr. :).

These are the rules:
1. Link the person who nominated you to your blog post and let them know you answered their questions.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the nominator.
3. Nominate other bloggers (11) for the award that have fewer than 200 followers.
4. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Here are my responses:

1. Why did you start a blog?
It relieves me in a way. I feel happier when I have written something and shared it across. I also relate to many others who write different stories from their lives. Blogging engages me.

2. Do people (friends, family) around you know you have a blog?
My closest friends, they know. My family, currently no. My colleagues and acquaintances, no. I wanted it to be more of a me thing where people who scarcely know me don’t give their opinions on my thoughts.

3. Where do you get inspiration for your blog posts?
My blog posts usually contain random thoughts that run in my mind, I see or experience something in my routine life and some days I write about it. Most of the times, I write when I am alone. So, may be seclusion inspires them.

4. What is something about yourself you feel like you need to work on?
I have to learn detachment. I want to be less affected by people around me. Some have become my weakness. I want to be content with myself. I do try.

5. What does blogging (writing) mean to you? (a hobby, way of expressing yourself e.g.)
Catharsis might be the right word for it. When I write something, I feel I have took it out of my mind and let it out to the world. These are just words coming out but they are my words, they are what I am in a way. I write and I let a little more bit of myself out.

6. What is your dream job?
Mmm, I still don’t have answer for this yet.

7. Who inspires you?
Hedonists inspire me. People who have suffered and still come out strong. People who have risen from the earth, started from the scratch. My mother inspires me for the person she is.

8. What is the most beautiful place you have visited so far?
Manali, India, comes to my mind right now. It was breath-takingly, refreshingly beautiful. Snow every where, the sun, the trees, the wind, the streets, everything to fall in love with!

9. What is your all time favorite movie?
I love this movie, The Prestige. I equally love, P.S. I Love You and DDLJ(Hindi). So that makes three of them.:).

10. What is the most delicious food you have ever eaten? (I’m a foodie, so I couldn’t resist.)
I love everything my mom cooks. So home cooked chhole bhature, dosa, dhokla, dahi bade. All these are Indian dishes. :).

11. What is a quality you admire in people?
Genuineness. Honesty. People who are unassuming and comfortable to be around.

Well these questions did make me ponder. Now, my questions, your answers. :D. I would like to nominate the following:
1. littlerayofsunsian
2. ipsitanayak07
3. K. L. Register
4. Ankit Mishra
5. womenwhothinktoomuch
6. Toothless Hedgehog
7. Pratik Akkwar
8. quartervida
9. shewritesoflife
10. typingandthinking
11. littlemissunsure

I would really love to read your answers and know you more! Thus the nominations. Following are my questions:
1. You started a blog because?
2. What do you love doing the most? Any activity.
3. Your favorite writer and the book you like most.
4. Describe one trait of yours that you find silly.
5. First childhood memory that comes to your mind?
6. You are most comfortable in what kind of clothes?
7. Summers or winters? Why?
8. Something you have learnt from your parents?
9. Do you think you’ll be writing after 5 years from now?
10. Best and the worst thing you find about technology?
11. If you had to keep a pet, what would it be?(the ones already having can describe theirs)

To the people I have linked, please do oblige if you find time. :). Ciao.