Musings #016

Of late I have been bracketing myself as an INFP more and more. I relate to the memes on INFPs, follow pages on social media, share INFP content with friends, gauge my actions being typical INFP. Anything written for an INFP and I am like, Oh! That’s totally me.

Not just that, the more I think, I am also relating more to being a millennial.

Being a Taurus.

A cat person.

Heart over mind.

A night owl.

I don’t know, there is no harm in it. It started out as fun.

But you start drifting away from things you don’t find relatable or that are outside your comfort zone. Which can’t be good. Gotta unlearn a few deemed facts about myself. Be open to experiences. Not get carried away with the social media hyped bandwagon. That’s the thought for today.


There are moments in one’s life where simply put, your heart skips a beat.

It could be something very basic. Extremely commonplace. Like a flip of the hair, eyes talking, a very untimely hug. You could be innocently looking at someone when they aren’t aware of it, or just watching a person sleep cosily. A moment that stays with you. Almost like a painting. Tugs your heart chords. Butterflies in the stomach. Makes you slightly breathless. A very specific instance in time when you know you’re truly fucked and there is no turning back.

I speak to the people who experience these moments or register them, it’s a blessing. You don’t have to act on it. It’s the nature harmonising to your tunes and the universe making sense for a very brief time. Cherish it. And that’s all to it.