Oh well.

In today’s episode of arbitrary musings, we have,

What’s the deal with toothpaste tubes?

It’s a regular squeeze for half of its life time and pure battle for the rest of it.

Whoever thought…. “Let me make it more difficult than it should be.” I have an issue with this weird utility product.

For starters they are slightly over priced than the remaining of your groceries. I don’t mind that so much, however, the struggle to use it to its last bit is so real.

What do I even do? After squeezing the hell out of it, I still know there’s plenty left. My Asian instincts to not waste kick in, so I squeeze it for a few more days. And there is still more.

At the risk of sounding petty, I have often contemplated cutting it using a blade and using the remanants of it but never really got there. Would always wonder how much of it goes to waste.

So I replace it with a new tube, going through a tiny guilt trip, every time I throw the used one into the bin.

There’s clearly some unfinished business between us.

4 thoughts on “Toothpaste

  1. The price may seem high, but they last a really long time. I’m working on a tube that I bought in July and I’ve barely used any of it. I use an electric brush with a small, round, brush attachment, so I don’t use very much for each brushing. I’m guessing that it’s going to last me at least until the end of the year, and that last inch seems to last longer than the whole tube! LOL. I’ve decided that toothpaste may, in fact, be the best bargain at the store.

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