Lazy things

Ever stalled doing things?

Calling back that good friend of yours. Finishing that long overdue book you have been reading since four months. Cooking a dish you have been meaning to for days. Parceling a gift for your parents. Start that daily exercise routine. Coming out of the jungle mode and cutting your nails. Language lessons. Decluttering your desktop folders. Putting away your old unused set of clothes. Start binging on the series you have been wanting to watch.

Having all the time in the world and still not finding time for certain things.

Stuck in a limbo?

Of late, I feel like this.

2 thoughts on “Lazy things

  1. This quarantine threw so much of free time at us that we finally want to genuinely hustle and are bored of sitting idle 😂 your ideas were really helpful. Please do have a look at my recent blogs. It would surely be of help to you. Wish u abundance and pure health.

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