Musings #110

The fear of losing something or someone is so inherent in me that it becomes really difficult to come out of that shell. I wouldn’t suffer, if I didn’t fear. How does one attain that level of nonchalance? Or are we, as humans, just built to bring upon self-inflicted misery to ourselves?

I terribly miss feeling self-sufficient. It would get lonely at times but I slept in peace. Woke up without stress. It’s funny, I am working towards being someone I once was. I have been writing way too many sad posts. Been paying attention to all the wrong things. There is so much beauty around to savour. It just needs the right eyes.

3 thoughts on “Musings #110

  1. Your last sentence said it all. You need the right eyes, which you already have. You just need to use them differently.

    Do you see COVID-19 as a scourge on societies around the world … or as a wake up call for us supposedly superior species to smarten up?

    Do you see being housebound for a while a miserable jail term, or an opportunity to get some jobs done. Get those projects started. Read those books.

    Do you get angry at the ignorance of some people around you, or do you celebrate your own education.

    There are so many circumstances where we can either choose the negatives and depress ourselves, or we can chose the positives and celebrate our life. Isn’t that a “no-brainer” decision to make? Take care. 🙂

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