Morning Anxiety

I am losing confidence in myself. That can’t be good. I decide I am not good at something even before attempting it. Something is not right guys. This isn’t me.

And enough with the self victimization. I am growing old of it myself. Shitty things happen in life. Get over it. There will be new chapters. And better days.

Another noticeable fault in my system is that I am starting my day by looking at my phone screen. My inner angel self(you know out of the two, angel and demon) is questioning it too, ’Girl! Really? Morning with a phone screen!’. And I am not waking up with very good thoughts. Morning then really sets the tone of my day and I am anxious throughout.

I know better. I genuinely do. And I am not looking at my phone when I wake up tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Morning Anxiety

  1. Starting your day with looking at the phone is a very bad idea because when you go through social media & other things, you start comparing you and your life with other people and their lives and it makes you feel bad about yourself. It is not necessary that everyone who seems to be happy on social media is really happy in real life. Starting your day with a phone also wastes your huge time. You should better start your day with something you like to do or some pending work you have been thinking to do for a long time. It’s better to check your phone in the afternoon or evening when you are done with your work. I hope you will feel the change.

    • Thanks! I am not very active on social media but yes, it was becoming an unhealthy habit to look at my conversations every hour. This was giving me anxiety. I feel more relaxed now.

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