One day at a time

You wouldn’t believe if I lay down all my woes. You will find a way to diminish their weight. I am feeling the things I am feeling not for any other reason but that I cannot help feeling. I wish I could stop it all. I wish to go back in time where life wasn’t throwing these lessons at me. Where birds chirped and lovers squabbled. I write in angst. I write to subside the pain. That flickering ray of positivity still resides in my being. Today is just another day. And tomorrow will bring with it fresh energy.

3 thoughts on “One day at a time

  1. Today may well be just another day. Tomorrow is also going to be another day, but it is a day where you can practice the art of being positive. It is a day in which you can reflect back on “less than ideal” experiences and learn from them. It is a day that you have been blessed with … when so many others never awake to see it. It is a day when you can look in the mirror and confront those eyes looking back at you. It is a day when you can say to those eyes “I really do love you. I know you’re not perfect. I know you make mistakes but, regardless of all that, you are deep down a really nice person. I am so blessed to have you by my side as I continue on my life journey.”

    Celebrate that the lessons from today can be used to enjoy tomorrow, and have a wonderful “just another day”! 🙂

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