Road to healing

I am trying.

I am trying.

And it is going to take some time.

How is it going so far?

I am keeping myself busy. Last emotional outburst was about eight days back, which is an achievement, trust me. Pushing myself to not skip my evening meals. Reading regularly. Taking deep breaths when I start panicking. I do have those moments in a day where I just want to shut my thoughts because they make me so upset. I am hurt. And I need to accept that and take steps to better myself.

Anything and everything acts like a trigger. One moment I would be walking down the street, all cheerful(very momentary feeling these days) and another moment tears start rolling down my eyes. It’s difficult. It helps when I am listening to others talk. Kind of takes my mind off things. Probably documenting my journey would help. Writing has always been my outlet. Not that I am an expert at it. But enough with the self-doubt. Am I right?!

On that note, caught the first sight of spring today. I probably started paying attention now. It was a delight to see some flowers bloom. See those white little thingies? Well, made me smile.

12 thoughts on “Road to healing

  1. Spring already?
    Why is it still snowing here!? 🥶

    On a side note, you’re a good writer.
    Take care of yourself. As mentioned, you’re already doing a good job at it. Keep it up. And send some of your +ve vibes to me as well please.

  2. A lot of my friends, and me included, have been going through a range of emotions that you have so eloquently penned here. It’s not easy to make sense of the goings on and some days are worse than others.

    But hey! the good bit is that you aren’t alone in this- somewhere, someone else too is experiencing the same thing. I often take strength in this fact and get through another uncertain day.

    Stay positive and keep blogging 🙂

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