Bring it on.

Turning 28 tomorrow! And I will not let this year just pass by. I am unable to pen down any accomplishments from last year and it is a little disheartening to be honest. I am starting to worry about myself. My life, what if it turns out to be a series of “if only moments..”?

I am going to make every day count. Another important note: Positive vibes only.


9 thoughts on “Bring it on.

  1. That’s alright about accomplishments. Maybe there have been small ones which might not have made it to the list. Either way, I hope you have a lot more to add to that list, starting from today.

    All the best. And Happy Birthday, in advance. 🙂

  2. Hope your birthday went well. It can be difficult when we look back and don’t recognise anything major.

    I have just turned 60, and have made a lot of mistakes with so many of those “if only” moments. The biggest thing I’m trying to learn is to live in the moment and appreciate each day as it comes and try and make someone else’s day better. It is not easy , but am at much more peace when I do this. All the best.

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