Ship hasn’t sailed yet

It breaks your heart some times to see the people you love so much, wallowing in despair. And to be able to do nothing about it. Sure you can talk to them. But what do I say? Stay strong, be patient, resilience bears fruits. As I have observed, none of it quite seems to work. A confidence once floating in abundance shows no signs of trace now. Some days, you just can’t make a person you care about stop crying.  And it’s fine. Them confiding enough in you to show their weak bits is a support enough. Some days, you just have to be there and remind yourself to not lose YOUR patience or faith in them. Be an anchor till the ship is ready to sail may be.

2 thoughts on “Ship hasn’t sailed yet

  1. Just being there is often all that is required. If they are not particularly talkative, then don’t talk! As you leave, you can always say “You know how to reach me if you want to talk.” (or something similar)

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