Floating pool of thought

What was familiar is no more acquainted.
What looked appealing has lost its sheen.
What seemed plausible subtly moved out of equation.
What never crossed mind is vaguely falling in the routine.
What should have been, is now a never could have been.
What drew delight now fails to curb the despair.
What caused ripples is barely in sight.
What was loved is piled amongst lost.
That what is lost strangely gives comfort.
Expect the unexpected, they say.
Live each moment to the fullest.
Life is such..What is one to make of it?

11 thoughts on “Floating pool of thought

  1. Well if we look out this is true for everyone at some stage .. its called life.. and sadly as they say the show must carry on…

    Take it on … as someone said as in cricket we get bouncers and we get juicy balls.. when bouncers come just duck keep ducking. . Surly there will be a juicy ball full toss comig that we can hit for a Six..

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