Friday Yay!

Today started off on a good note, I hit the gym! I occasionally run and I want to turn this into a non negotiable habit. You know what they say:


I am up for commitment to fitness, :D. Really need to update my iPod music though. Just had a realization that it is full of lovey dovey songs and no work out music.

Friday was an off here and I have a long weekend for myself. Currently, hooked, hitched and anchored to the Mirzya title track that has come out yesterday! It is from a movie based on Mirza-Sahiban love story, which intrigued me when I saw it. Turned out, theirs was a tragic end. I fail to remember having read any love story with a happy ending! It is an eternal truth I guess, the incomplete ones live on.

Have a great weekend, you all!

9 thoughts on “Friday Yay!

  1. There must be something about a tragedy that appeals to our subconscious. Even when promoting Ray’s book, it has been suggested that I really, really stress that he does not die in the end. He is very much still alive and well! Perhaps being different from the tragic endings of many dog stories is worth promoting????? 🙂

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