Grown Up talks

Sometimes, I feel it is an okay thing to be lost and dreamy. To be so immersed in your own disorderliness that propriety feels uncanny. You get comfortable in your skin, not vain, yet extremely defensive of any change suggested otherwise. Things that made you extremely insecure at one point of time do not make much sense now. You have outgrown your own subtle dilemmas; outgrown some ties; probably outgrown some people too. Came in terms with your follies. Forgiven yourself and forgiven people who may have wronged you in the past.

Watched this movie today: Mr.Nobody, and got stuck to a quote from it:

Every path is the right path. Everything could have been anything else and it would have just as much meaning. 

Living in peace does seem like a ridiculously difficult summit to achieve but one can always work in that direction.

P.S. : The title could even be Sleep Deficit Grown up talks. :D.

Mind games

The most agitating feelings of all is to realize someone’s absence and not be able to shake that stupid bug off. Then have a long list of productive things to be done, in your head and watch the time fly by. To be aware of the futility of the situation and still somehow get trapped into nothingness.

I better start off my day. Much to be done. Music coming to the rescue.

P.S.: Be happy with yourself. :).


Friday Yay!

Today started off on a good note, I hit the gym! I occasionally run and I want to turn this into a non negotiable habit. You know what they say:


I am up for commitment to fitness, :D. Really need to update my iPod music though. Just had a realization that it is full of lovey dovey songs and no work out music.

Friday was an off here and I have a long weekend for myself. Currently, hooked, hitched and anchored to the Mirzya title track that has come out yesterday! It is from a movie based on Mirza-Sahiban love story, which intrigued me when I saw it. Turned out, theirs was a tragic end. I fail to remember having read any love story with a happy ending! It is an eternal truth I guess, the incomplete ones live on.

Have a great weekend, you all!