Not Broken but Brittle

How do you stay sane in a mad mad world
How do you embrace the new and renounce what is familiar
How do you appease the antsy nerves
How do you trick time in your favour
How does one’s discomfort end
How do the seasons blend
How to stay your true self
And know there is nothing wrong
How do you NOT fear the unknown
How do you not assimilate
Not shape your actions based on perceptions
How does one trust and not feel stupid about it
How do these questions get answered?

P.S. – Feeling queasy on a perfectly fine Saturday morning 😐.

5 thoughts on “Not Broken but Brittle

  1. Hehe..Weekend is the only time when an engineer can do what he/she likes.😄
    See, you did it. Saturday morning made you think and you articulated it so well.😁
    As far as answers to these questions are concerned, you, I, all of us will get the answers at right time in their own way. But they surely will be answered.😉

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