Musings #007

Here is a theory (yep! call me crazy): When you part with someone you love…it becomes kind of obvious that you are going to be Mr./Miss/Mrs. gloomy for a plentiful days. You won’t get out of bed, you won’t eat right, you won’t mingle, you will possibly do all deplorable things to make you much worse than you are. At that point of time, it seems justified, a natural course of action. Like, yeah that person mattered to me, and I am literally down in the dumps without them.

But, how about doing the exact opposite? Say improving yourself for the ones you loved. Yeah let the gloominess phase out; if it doesn’t, limp, crawl, somehow, fight out of it. Sure, getting out of the bed seems like a hill to surmount. You are better than that, heck I am better than that. Wonder what it would be like, if you just sat and decided to be a better version of yourself. I mean what’s there to lose now right? Store the residuals in a locker or something. Do something good. Something fulfilling, that delights you. Take up some activity out of your comfort zone, learn something you are entirely new to. Imagine, if you ever meet this person somewhere down the lane, you could just smile and say, your love made me stronger.

It doesn’t always have to end on a bitter note.

9 thoughts on “Musings #007

  1. People would say, better said than done, but actually, it’s very easy to do. he first few days would be hard, would look forced, etc., but I’m as sure as the sun is up there, we’d get the hang of it, in no time.

  2. When a relationship disintegrates for whatever reason, then clearly at least one of the couple was having issues. I see no reason why the “injured party” could not celebrate the breakup after all, incompatibility is a lot easier to deal with before marriage, than it is after marriage! Celebrate the fact that you found out in time the relationship had flaws. 🙂

      • Absolutely. We must learn from it and move on and, if that is difficult, simply reflect on the reality of what happened… and do not dwell on the theoretical possibilities of what might have been. That is just non-productive thinking which serves no constructive purpose given the circumstances.

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