New little ventures

Look what I got here! A thought stumbled upon me (due to sleeplessness), to check on the daily prompt for today, have never done it before. And the topic for today is as perennial and persistent as water. I was like,,,uhh!! and ummm!! what do I say about such ubiquitous an entity.


I need to drink more of it,

Shed less of it from my eyes,

Relish plenty of it on the sea shores,

Soak all of it during the lovely rains,

Jump often in it when I get the chance to,

Find my own course, as water always does.

P.S.: On that note, another new thing I am planning to do, teach for fun. Still formulating, have to be recruited first. Let’s see! Will keep posted.

15 thoughts on “New little ventures

  1. Ha! I didn’t even read what you wrote before I decided to “like” your post. Anyone who uses the word “ubiquitous” is my friend. I will now go back and read what you wrote!!! 🙂

  2. What fun….teaching….you will be so happy you did….and I love letting rain wash over me,,,, I feel like its cleansing me from the negative energy surrounding me… me nutty….but I love walking in the rain…..kat

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