Pluvial Whims

Rains make my heart yearn from the deepest of corners. I don’t even make an attempt to subside the feeling. Some days are particularly meant to leave your thinking cap aside and delve into the emotional abyss. No matter how pragmatic I endeavor to be, these darn rains make me abstract, dreamy, making me want to embrace my vulnerable roots. Rains couldn’t be the reason alone..I wonder what complements them. mmm…Moments, isn’t it? Try forgetting a few and they etch even further. I love rains. I hate the mud and clumsiness later on. But I love rains. They used to make me jump in joy. For some reason, they make me a little sad these days. But mostly happy. I can’t quite explain it clearly. Seasons are coming and seasons are going; and in between them, there are rains that make you painfully, beautifully, splendidly reminisce all that has been slipping through your hands in the seasons gone by. Strong forces of nature tickle my frailty every time they visit.
P.S. Raining here in Bangalore after many a hot days. Pure bliss and little chills! <3

17 thoughts on “Pluvial Whims

  1. I like the sound of rain when it hits the roofs, streets and sidewalks. I find it very soothing and satisfying as the sky cleanses the earth. However too much rain, like too much heat can cause many problems…Let’s hope for a nice balance for those that have been dealing with climate troubles over the years. Especially hope that Bangalore and other parts of India do not suffer from days of extreme heat like in some previous years.
    Enjoy a nice weekend! 🙂

  2. This seems so poetic, which is bound to happen when you witness chilling rain after long span of biting hot summer days 🙂

    See how this charismatic rain turns your pragmatism into abstraction of thoughts. You would get over whatever little sadness it strikes you with after all it’s a pure bliss and it should prove its worth for purity.

  3. I always loved the rain…especially to walk in it scantly clothed on the beach….always felt like it was washing away the bad, cleansing my soul….don’t have to be on the ocean, but that’s where I was raised so that is where my first memory goes back to….glad your having some relief from the heat….happy Mums Day weekend…kat

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