Wedding bells..IN PLENTY!

Time is flying! Really! I was perusing through my About page and I realized I have to update my age again..I just turned 26 a week back. OfficialPicsart2016-02-5--02-04-28y treading to the tumultuous path of adulthood. So, after one crosses 25, aren’t we supposed to be like oh well! yeah! age is just a number. I don’t know though. I still want gifts and cakes and all “it’s your day” drama around me. Birthdays are a big deal for me.

So anyway, this one went quite smooth as I was on a road trip to a friend’s wedding who decided to get married on my birthday(!). Speaking about weddings, my friends are on a full-fledged nuptial spree. They are either hitched or in the process to be. Everyone is talking about it or thinking about it. And here I am..attending back to back marriage functions, in December, Feb, March, April..Phew.

And also, here I amPicsart2016-02-5--01-51-21, clueless about my own future. Questions come at me like…do you want to go for love marriage or arranged marriage? And I am answering things like, I don’t want to go for marriage. Which is true though, per my current state of mind. I mean how does a marriage define you are on the right ladder of your journey? I have no thoughts in my mind lately. I also am hating the fact that I am growing apart to some of these so-called “friends”. Makes me question the very foundation that, Were we even friends at the first place?

So anyway, as I age, things are getting murkier. People are changing. I am changing. I know not what is right, nor what is age appropriate. I know it is my journey, and I have to traverse it on my own rules.

P.S.These are all pics from the weddings I attended in the past few months. Lots of fun, food, dance, happy moments.

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  1. Friends stay friends for as long as each wishes the other well in their respective endeavors. They must simply remember that simply because lifes’ ladders have different rungs, over time the people climbing them retain the virtues that made them friends to begin with. ; )

  2. First of all wish you a very happy birthday. ..

    Life is like that priorities change.. that’s all .. but good friends will always be friends .. age and distance doesn’t have anything to do with it..

  3. Roopam, Happy 26th!

    Yeah, I know whenever a friend of mine got married, it changed the friendship. But then that was expected. My good ol buddy could no longer just show up, and we go larking down to New Orleans to drink beer and bet on the horses. He was married. He had another path to follow. We were friends, but we lived in different worlds.

    So go with the flow! You’re still young. You look great. Have fun! And just think of all the free champagne you can have at the wedding parties!

    • Firstly thank you Paul for the wishes and your words..go with the flow..that seems about right..and yes I think..I guess it is expected, the change in behavior. Yes, wedding parties are fun indeed..:).

  4. Happy 26th Roopam πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    so called “friends”. Makes me question the very foundation that, Were we even friends at the first place?

    Request to change this state of mind. A lot happens after marriage but of course once a friend always a friend, doesn’t matter the frequency of calls, chats, contacts, what matters is picking up the things from where it was left… isn’t it???

    Looking pretty in all the pictures…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. I have a lot of sympathy and empathy (both) for you. I married later in life (I tell myself that I was a late developer) and I have felt some of your feelings. My wife also married when she was 35 (her grandparents were from India) and so she would probably know your feelings even stronger. There are no easy solutions – life is just what it is. Know though that you have my support and best wishes to make your own decisions in your own time. Life really is too short to do something rash now that will lead you to years of unhappiness in the future. My only real advice is to marry someone who you can talk to and share your heart with and who reciprocates in that. Don’t marry for looks or for figure – these inevitably fade. It doesn’t matter if love or arranged really, just make sure there is a deep compatability of thought and feeling. Make a questionnaire if necessary! Okay, I’m going to stop now – I’m feeling like an old maiden aunt rather than an English guy who means well and who is sending you good vibes from across the continents.
    Good Morning (here), Good Afternoon (there) and Namaste – Robert.

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