I love mangoes and how!

fresh-mango-780371The heat is soaring here in Bangalore and the weather occupies too much of my mind to be thinking about anything else. That persistent  craving to go take another bath, the no ends tan, the discomfort in clothing…all regular hot weather grievances. Although, one thing I absolutely adore about the summer season: Mangoes! I patiently wait for this time of the year when I can relish these sweet little things in all their glorified forms: milkshakes, fruit slices, ice-creams, you name it. Immense love out there. So much so that I am posting about mangoes here. Not a food fanatic but yeah, this fruit fanatic!

Apart from this, life is going good. Living it, one day at a time. Not much contemplation; not much of trepidation. Finding ways to smile in little things. Accepting the way certain people are, not letting it space out my peace of mind.

P.S. This weekend’s highlight was watching SRK’s movie FAN, which I read a lot about, also loved; and then me buying mangoes and eating them and going crazy over them.

Monday, sure, Welcome!

24 thoughts on “I love mangoes and how!

  1. Good. Enjoy the mangoes and take care of yourself in the heatwave.

    One day at time ! That’s me in 2015. Pretty good. Have a nice time.

  2. I love mangoes toooo .. can’t afford them here in uk .. Too expensive. .

    But I will be visiting india soon soo lots to eat.. and mangoe shakes.. yummmy

  3. Mangoes are mood boosters. Can bring smile to anyone’s face. I guess discussion about mangoes is interminable.
    Btw, thanks for reading my post. Your posts are highbrow. Will go through all of them.

    • Yeah..such a pity that the season is over now…:D 🙂
      I liked your posts and your views. And highbrow..this is the first one I am hearing! Thank you.

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