I am wandering

My blog, if it were human, must be really mad at me. I have almost abandoned it. To be true, I am lacking resources and also the zeal to keep up with it. Few observations I have had while I was away:
– I am pretty messed up, don’t know if I was so from before or it is something new.
– I most certainly have some eating disorder which might be a result of myriad other issues.
– I am tired of putting up a strong face. People around me say I am hovering negativity around me. I don’t like their suggestions. I don’t like their advice. I don’t know who means well.
– I need to rise above self speculation. Not bother about every sentence that comes out of someone’s mouth. Not be so self involved. There is a whole world of things outside me. Break the bubble.
– There is no need to prove anything to anyone.
– All is well.

I did visit two-three places meanwhile. Some of my friends marriages and a short summer trip to Puducherry. I also cut my hair. Traveling is good. Surroundings are temperate. But I have to sort myself out. Ah.. if only I could use some magic wand and stop growing up! Nothing seems right these days. Nothing gives immense joy. :(. I do not want to be this gloomy person. I am stalling this post here.

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  1. I have been in that zone in February month and lost a lot of weight, given I am already underweight, that’s very bad. But March was improving and I am expecting to knock out everything good by April.

    I had shoot my posts in March. Now I am going to subside in April.

    I sure was wondering where you have been and what you are up to !

  2. There appears to be so much you need answers to, that perhaps you should consider getting some (answers)?

    …. but you don’t like advice and suggestions from others!

    Rejecting advice I can understand, because what somebody else would do in your situation is irrelevant. They are not you. Not being receptive to suggestions however, is rather illogical. They are only suggestions!

    You seem to be at a point in your life where you are feeling weighed down with numerous issues, but are not prepared to do anything about them. You want to wave a magic wand and stop growing up but, it is respectfully suggested that adjusting to the realities of the world IS growing up.

    You would appear to be an intelligent person, so I am sure that you can draw some obvious conclusions.

    All the best as you find your place in this world. Take care.

    • Thank you Colin…about me not liking suggestions..it is more to do with every little thing affecting me these days. May be I don’t react well to them. May be I should learn to take them in good stride. And yes, wishing for a wand is as silly as it gets, then again it is a transitory thought. Sure, I want to grow, but at times a thought creeps in between that I am not prepped enough. I should calm down.

      • Absolutely….. calm down, and let your mind analyse, digest, and perhaps shine some light on your issues. Thinking is always good and, most importantly, keep smiling…. it keeps everybody else guessing what you know that they don’t!!! 🙂

  3. Firstly, sitting by the water..closing your eyes n letting the breeze bkiw through your hair…surely must feel good. Do that more often. Let the things around you not affect you too much…go about doing your own thing and u see how people come around. Stay happy, keep smiling.

  4. Seeing the picture, I knew it was from Puducherry. I recently went there too. Refreshing I would say.

    Well things might seem gloomy sometimes but the best way to cope with them is to sleep on your problems. ‘Take a break’ – one of my best friends has this mantra. He is one of the coolest person I’ve seen in my life and I’ve seen this in action. Things will ultimately fall in place. Best of luck 🙂

    • Thank you Chandan..and yes take a break sure is a good idea but at one point you have to deal with your problems face on..Pondy is a peaceful place indeed!

  5. Have missed you babe! Just hope you do sort out the things you need to sort out, and smile until it’s no longer a chore (it never should be)

  6. Hey dear.. Don’t let anything carve you.. Take care of yourself and come back with all the BANG!! You look cute in this haircut!! 🙂

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