Tat ttt ta da…

You were not my type. You didn’t fall under my bracket of volition. And you did not remotely match to any of my checklist points. We were yet another rendition of opposites attract, and you were a classic, clichéd risk. I am not trying to find a pattern here. And I do not intend on recollecting all the details of our past, but what I do remember,  is that you made me laugh. And somehow, it meant the world. If I close my eyes, like even a blink, it all comes back to me in tiny speedy flashes of fire and snow together at once. I get confused, what to feel. The bliss of loving or the sorrow of parting. Ever since you have gone, I don’t know what I miss more: you or myself.

P.S.: Couldn’t find a title. Could be post Valentine’s effect.

6 thoughts on “Tat ttt ta da…

  1. Great Post. Let me add something here !

    You are in the middle of the ocean
    with no land for nautical miles
    you swim for hours
    and you try so hard
    but horizon is so far away
    you have lost all your energy

    You are tired and stay afloat
    gazing the blue sky
    You know you are going to die
    You let your body lose
    and float under water
    You don’t put any efforts
    You are a piece of meat

    You know you are going to
    experience peaceful death
    Your body will drown
    water will entire you lungs
    and fill them up.
    Water will entire your mouth
    and you will feel heavy
    you move under water slowly
    and gradually speed increases

    You are floating in water
    you experience weightlessness
    Your life flashes before you
    and all the moments
    that matter to you
    gleam before your closed eyes
    You smile
    You embrace those moments
    in the little time
    that is left for you

    You are now going down
    at a high speed
    and until you land
    on the sea bed
    you are dead
    When your body strikes the surface
    you see it from the outside
    and you know there lies a man
    who died a solemn death

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