Every time a person leaves you or parts way with you, they take a little bit of sparkle from your eyes. The eyes don’t shine so bright now as they used to. You can’t tell from the body language or the smile on one’s face. But eyes, they emote, they do the talking. Sometimes when I am in middle of a conversation I roll my eyes down or look away, so it doesn’t become obvious to the other person…my lost sparkle.

14 thoughts on “Endeavour

  1. Oh sweetie don’t look away….that’s life talking through your eyes….your sparkle may be a little more dim…but that’s just the love of many that you hold close to your heart….don’t look away….you may not realize it, but you still have sparkle I hear it through your writing……xxkat

  2. Your sparkle will only double up when you meet someone who brings joy to your life. 🙂 I know how it feels when someone walks away but it is a blessing too. 🙂

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