Quotes #9

Day 2, Quote 2, of the quote challenge! Was nominated by this perky little sweet teenager “An Ordinary Girl”…and here is her blog that you should definitely visit!

Here is today’s quote:


I know, this quote would mean different things to different people. I mean, I am not cliff jumping or sky diving at this moment in my life but very affirmatively, I am not in my comfort zone right now. I am in a quandary of sorts. To be and what to be! Learning a hell lot of things..To not lose patience. To chin up. To understand. To let go. To stay strong, to smile that smile. This is all part and parcel of life, isn’t it?! Ergo!

Good day, you all!

My nominations:

palfitness ..you have almost read all of my posts by now, Thank You !!

Nisthur Anadi





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  1. You’re right I exhaust people with many years of posts. I have people call me a machine. I am guessing this is a 3 day quote challenge? I just finished one. I am going to put this into my categories as I have said I did 4 when I did 10. So I have to pull this post into a section as I did not get a notification regarding this.

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