Musings #004

If I have a day to kill, I make sure I kill it with wasteful pondering. Even if I have a lump of chores to finish, I would choose to sit back and think instead. All this time, I am completely aware that I am wasting my time, but I do it anyway.

imageOne good thing I did today was get up early and go on a walk/run/mix of both. My brain didn’t stop there as well. There is this shackled sort of animated character inside me that is so darn willing to break the chains. Move past. Be positive and what not. Whoever coined this term of being in peace with oneself…please hand me the instruction manual to do the same. I do a lot of things when I am alone. The useful things just reach my head as an idea and futile ones, they come like the storm.

So anyway, one interesting idea to hit me was that of a solo trip. Mmmmmmmm?!!! Can I, can I not. If I could, it would really be terrific. Who would click my pics, well there is auto mode. Would it be odd? I guess not. Too bold? little bold. What’s stopping me? Nothing in particular, just a tad bit of hesitation. I’ll get there in due time. Let’s see.

23 thoughts on “Musings #004

  1. Solo trips can be very invigorating. They can also be overwhelming, so plan carefully. Choose a destination you’re not intimidated by. Now is not the time to leap into a foreign language if that stresses you out! But plan to go, most definitely!

  2. I used to travel everywhere all by myself….very freeing….only you have to worry about making happy is yourself…go no where, or go everywhere, don’t eat, or eat….its only about you….I loved it…I also love traveling with my husband…we can sit in silence for hours or have very deep conversations…..but go for it…..whats the worst that could happen….you have a good time!!!!

  3. tunisiajolyn84 says:

    I’m planning to go to school in a whole other country. I’ve never been overseas so this should be one interesting adventure! I am nervous but excited too. Good luck with your solo travels whenever you get started.

  4. Solo trips are truly a challenge and a way of getting to know yourself better I think is a wonderful experience everyone should have the pleasure to fullfill

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