That kind of Love

Some love stories are not earthbound. Some love stories occur in a different space. You cannot explain them to people or put them in words or contain them in any other manner. You don’t fear its end, nor regret its failure. You just sit and wonder how you ended up experiencing something so starkly beautiful. How it has made everything else around a little less brighter in shade. All the glitter and gloss around you doesn’t affect its chastity. Innocent, Relentless love stories. And then at times you dolefully wince, why me? And you counter react in disbelief, is it even possible? It doesn’t annihilate you, it crumbles you in pieces, bit by bit. Like a deep quagmire sucking you out of breath, but slowly. There is no right or wrong, there is no end to it, there is tenderness, there is pain, there is so much that cannot be written, you know, in that kind of love.

18 thoughts on “That kind of Love

  1. Love neither gives happiness nor the pain. You have rightly said it being a new experience where nothing is wrong or right. Only you and ur love matters. Those who are not blessed with this divine phenomenon in life are the creatures who have not lived their life as per the wishes of God of Love. No one can explain the feelings in words. Graea post

  2. I just have to comment on this because whereas you have beautifully described love in all its many hues, it is (to me) totally tainted by the single phrase “common people”. Your context infers that you are not one of the “common people”, but do in fact perceive a class difference. By stating that “common people” would not understand, are you suggesting that they have less creative abilities? That sensitivities are a result of simply a better education, or a better upbringing?

    Rather than encourage (inadvertently no doubt) a class distinction, may I suggest that you re-phrase that offending phrase to simply “some people”. After all, some people will not grasp a creative piece of writing, but that has nothing to do with lifestyle, upbringing, education, or anything else that typically is interpreted in some countries as a class difference.

    • Oh…this surprised me…I don’t perceive any class difference Colin…infact I don’t consider myself fit for judging anyone on any grounds. By common people, what I meant, I guess, was people who live practically…you know…because I am portraying some dreamy picture here. And just so it doesn’t offend you, I have gone ahead and removed common people..:)…truly speaking, I wouldn’t want anything I write to give a sense of distinction of any sort. Peace out.

  3. Love, ( Ok I was thinking real deep to come up with something just as serene as you wrote. But then I realized you just nailed it. HandsDown. )

    Beautifully written.

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