Ah! Another December. Aren’t they intense? And aren’t they inexplicably beautiful, in thought and sight? Don’t they make you put your thinking caps on? Winters suddenly feel chillier. And you sit and start looking back at the year gone by. How it changed you. How you evolved into something different. Last heard, this time of the year, you were some version of yours and now you have upgraded to xyz.2015.1.0. You met new people, got into new jobs, went through some break ups, gained some pounds, lost some pounds, travelled new lands, created new memories. Now, as December heralds, there is this urgency in my head, that the moments I have lived shouldn’t fade. Where do I store them? How do I remember them all? The year-end is coming close and it feels like something is escaping my hands too. Wish I could make a movie of it all and save in my hard disk as I do with other good stuff I find online. Is this why they say every beautiful thing comes to an end? And every end is a new beginning?

Dear December, I want to hold you close and not let go. But as we don’t have that option, let me embrace you in all your flavours and cherish your charm, till it lasts.

22 thoughts on “1.12.2015

  1. Yes. Dec always gives a different feel. One for indicating end of the year and another on expectations for the new year. Every time I find myself in December I yearn for better next year forgetting what the last year unfolded for me

  2. Festive season indeed Christmas is round the corner. .. and we in uk wait all year round for December. .. hopefully this year we will have a white Christmas. ..

  3. I understand these emotions. I want to encapsulate the moments and memories in a safe place lest they escape from my mind… December does it to us – it forces us to look back and think.

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