What others say!

Why do we have this constant need for approval? This thought running subtly in the background, to prove. Every small thing. My job should speak of the money I am earning. My clothes have to be super dandy! I am not dumb, I know current affairs. I am not emotionally unstable, I eat and sleep and interact. I work hard, just go through my schedule. 

I have to make a point! 

What will they think? 

Whatever share of life you are living, why the need to stamp it with approval or in better words, why strive to prove? People will come, give a comment or two and move on. You don’t have to rub your brains around why they said it. They haven’t stated a fact; it is only one opinion. And a person saying, you have it easy doesn’t really make anything easy for you. Just be strong, trust your instincts. Give yourself a chance to believe that you are not half as bad. And you don’t need anyone’s consent for this. Good day!

13 thoughts on “What others say!

  1. Well said.. and truly said..
    Don’t know what the answer is to the question but experience teaches one a lot of things .and those who learn from that are happy …

    We spend more time in trying to please others than pleasing ourselves. .It shud be the opposite way..

  2. I guess everybody has that inner voice saying “What will others say?”. But if one is confident of themselves, that voice fades away.

    Nicely written. 😀

    PS : That voice haunts me. 🙁

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