Musings #001

Sometimes I am baffled at the meaninglessness of my own existence. How little significance do I hold? How miniscule a drop I am in this ocean of a vast diversified human kind. Every one is busy with their life. If I laugh a little more one day or cry a little longer the next day, who would it affect? Each person has his own story. My story would coincide with some, but each one of us have our own shit to handle. Each one is tackling his/her own struggles . How does it matter what ice cream flavour I like or which colour is my most favourite? Some days things seem magnificently trivial to me. Like nothing matters at all.
On such hope-deprived days, I reshuffle my head. Must do. And I foster the courage to tell myself: it is one life I have been given. Be it a drop; let it mean nothing to no one. I have to, have to live it to the fullest. If and when I am remembered later on(like when I am dead), people should be like, oh! She loved with her heart and oh! She lived like there was no tomorrow..and oh! She was unstoppable…and oh this and oh that! How perfectly awesome would that be!  For the sake of some after-life praise, why don’t I start valuing my present? Just saying. Some people are so darn positive they have sun rising up from their asses, the least I could do is endeavour to live life happily.

51 thoughts on “Musings #001

  1. We’re all each but one piece of domino. Insignificant we may seem, but just one missing piece can ruin the domino fall. Love yourself like only you can. Cheers!

  2. Sometimes it’s hard to live happily and I think everyone struggles to a point. But as our friend above said love yourself and also love the good things around you. Have a great day! πŸ™‚

  3. Dear Roopam You have ended up on a very positive note as the initial few words belie the dynamism and flavour of your presence, You are that wonderful drop of the Ocean which yearns for its own existance. Keep writing beautiful things like Roopam

  4. Sometimes that laugh matters. May be because we haven’t laughed or even smiled a bit. And that laugh perhaps is a good memory.

    The ice cream may taste better that one day, you might see ( feel the essence) of that refreshment, cold as it may it lets you melt, in joy, momentarily.

    We all alike in so many little ways, yet different. But we still live in the harmony of each other, making friends, understanding them, falling in love, what not.

    Live not for what others say/would say or expect of you. Live for yourself. Be in the moment. Love yourself. Enjoy the world around you. Make each day count, for yourself.
    And lol to the sun from the ass.
    And also Sorry for the long exaggerated comment. I don’t think I made much sense here. 😣

    But take care. Keep writing. Be yourself. 😊

  5. There are lots of things that can be told here but I wouldn’t want to repeat them. At times its good to feel insignificant, to feel invisible, that can be converted into motivation to do more, be more, give more, strive to be better.

    I think that we run all the time, behind our jobs, people who love us, and those who don’t. So sit back and enjoy the ride for a while, watch the world go buy, appreciate the sea and its havoc, people and their mess, bite into a piece of dark chocolate, slump into a cane chair and hoist your feet on the parapet of your balcony, sip a cup of coffee, cradle a book, or share my mentally married husband! πŸ˜€

    I can relate so much to what you write that its heartbreaking for me..

    • I think that is some real nice advice I have got in recent times. Thank You. And I am exactly doing that. Lying back for a while. I feel like buying a cane chair though… that you have mentioned it. It is okay to be not thinking and toiling all the time. About sharing your mental husband…well! All love inside ready to pour out. <3.
      And isn't it a good thing that you can relate…doesn't matter if it is slightly on a sad note…it should not break your heart..:).

      • Haha πŸ˜€ I have been lusting after my grandfather’s wooden recliner, fondest memories of falling asleep in his lap, and in his absence to close my eyes and drift away in those memories. No matter how old I get, that chair remains too big for me πŸ™‚

  6. We live in a paradox; none of us are significant and yet all of us are vitally important. No, it doesn’t matter if you or I live a life of mediocrity and die forgotten. Yes, it matters that we’re here. Because everything we do – even this post – affects the world. Changes it a little bit.

    Tsunamis begin with a pebble being dropped into the ocean. We often feel our efforts amount to nothing. We are even told our efforts amount to nothing. But that’s a lie. Some of my clearest memories are of insignificant people and insignificant situations. Doesn’t matter that nothing of importance happened. What matters is what I took away from it; the feelings the other person invoked in me. They made me smile, made me think, made me care. Nothing. else. matters. Not the cubicle you may work in, not your apartment or your car or your clothes or your bank balance. Just that exchange.

    Keep dropping pebbles.

    • Firstly, thank you beeps. I love it when you guys lay out your opinions in response to mine. :).
      And you have beautifully put it out there. Pebbles I shall keep dropping then. Inside my heart I know these things what you have said. But I don’t know, I keep needing reminders may be. We are here to make moments after all. Aren’t we?! They could be found in the most trivial circumstances with most unknown people. Nothing else matters. Yes, I would agree here. Love.

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