SRK turns 50!

imageOkay, so I am this big fan of Shahrukh Khan. Not a fan by protocol though; I don’t collect his posters, or by heart his dialogues, nor have I watched his movies a zillion times. But I totally admire him to the very core. He is like this huge phenomenon in India. Some hate him, many love him; I am amongst those loyal breed of fans. “Good or bad, I’ll always root forΒ you” sort of breed. And it is not an acquired taste. I have grown up watching his movies, uttering his corny movie dialogues, reading his boastful magazine interviews, defending him in frontΒ of my critical friends; if people would be like: he is losing his charm, my face would turn into a frown and my reaction: yeah, sure. You have a mouth, speak whatever! (mighty sensitive)

I hoot like a crazy woman every time I go to his movies. I listen to his interviews with utmost attention, as if I have to give an exam on it a day later. Some people grow on you and then you just want well for them, no matter what. So, blind adulation it is. All the way. <3.

And on his 50th, I treated myself with chocolate pastry(It is kind of my way to celebrate little occasions).


25 thoughts on “SRK turns 50!

  1. Oh my God.. Here gimme a high-five.. M also One among that zillion fans of him.. Who admires him even if its good or bad (I guess his good weigh more than Bad)
    Oh… I love you Roopam for this one.. i think you have written the same feelings I have in heart for SRK… πŸ™‚ <3 πŸ™‚

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