Do you have a friend who corrects every word you misspell? And cringes on every wrong pronunciation you make? Like their only purpose to be alive in this ever-so-happening world, is to pin point at your petty lingual mistakes. In that moment you want to kill them. Choke them around the neck and kill them! But then they happen to be right and you make a dorky face and let it pass! Do you have such friend or am I the only one doomed? Words like poignant, petulant, nonchalant, bourgeois….I would have never known how these words are spoken(rightly) if not for this nemesis cum friend. I am seeing her tomorrow after quite a few days. Looking forward to the trouble. :-). <3.

47 thoughts on “Spell-check

  1. Please remove r from friend and see what it means. Keep loving ur friends if they are critical The blog is refreshing and straight on. Just loved the originality

  2. I’m fine with bowing to people with gooder grammar than me. Saym wet speling. They’re called editors, and they make me sounder smarter than I am. 😀 Plus, sometimes, I learn sumpin’.

  3. Have fun and learn new words and then maybe you can teach the likes of me..:)

    Lucky are you who has a friend who tells you the right way.. its the hardest thing to do these days..

  4. Having your pronunciation or your grammar corrected is okay if it’s done discreetly and without that jarring air of “superiority.” I once mispronounced the word “pariah.” I said something like pa ree ah. The friend I happened to be with burst out laughing. Oh you mean pa ri ah. Then he made some crappy remark. I avoided him for a good while after that, but to tell the truth, I started using my dictionary more! And we’re still friends.

    • oh! very relatable incident. And yeah I agree with you here. That “air of superiority”, I cannot take it very well either. It shouldn’t end friendships though..:). Cool that you are still friends!

  5. I am forever pronouncing words wrong….my daughter just hugs me and corrects me nicely…I normally say, sorry about the pronunciation of the word but its the best I can do…and I don’t let it bother me….its all on them if it bothers them…I told them I have trouble…LOL

  6. I know people of my specie are looked upon that way. 😛 Yep, I actually AM that friend. *Guilty*

    It’s a inner trouble to be a Grammar Nazi. Sorry on behalf of our kind. 😛

    • haha…yes I see your point clearly. And you don’t have to be sorry…it is because of your kind, our kind speaks writes whispers correctly..:D from the fear or caution or respect! Together we can dwell on literature in peace..:-)!

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