Today is not Yesterday

Because today is a different day altogether! Some days sail smoothly. And some are like wading through the mud. Slow. Dragging. Heavy. Cumbersome. I try to keep in mind that it is a part of the process. Every path won’t be adorned with roses. Every shade of color won’t soothe your eyes. Every food item you eat won’t spring up your taste buds. We have to know bad to realize how important good is. I guess that is nature’s way of balancing things. We see some pretty, and we see some ugly. That’s how we grow. So dear nerves, rest a little. We’ll take dives again.

25 thoughts on “Today is not Yesterday

  1. That’s an early morning write up providing feeling of fresh air raring to go for another day. Have a wonderful day ahead n keep ur smile intact for the sound m relaxed sleep in the evening

  2. This post reminded me of a little saying we use around our house, when one of us is having a bad day: “It’s too late to start the day over”. And it’s true. We can choose to be pissy or choose to be happy and at ease, even if the day isn’t going as planned. 😃

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