I am a very very very moody person. I might not have any substantial reason for the course of my actions. I don’t give my moods much thought. Days I am not sleeping…it’s fine I am not sleeping. I am shopping insane…okay..little hole in the big deal. Not eating adequately..and people going like, you are getting way too thin…oh yeah I know that..I have seen myself!  That.. getting to the root of the problem, is NOT my thing. Yeah I do notice the problem and then I probably just walk past it (I know! not healthy or advisable). I don’t know what’s making me write about myself today. I feel like I am at that phase of my life where I have options in plenty. I can take some sensible course, or digress to some silly path, tread the unknown routes or walk the safe lane. There is no weight on my shoulders, no one is pushing me around to do things their way, I am feeling awkwardly light. You know? Like I need some weight. Something to drive me in a particular direction. Uhh I want to make my own path. Make my time in this vast space of events count. I don’t want to prove anything. I want to be on fire!

Couldn’t it be a simple urge to each choco truffle like other times! Sigh.

86 thoughts on “Weird URGES

  1. izza ifzaal says:

    Moody is my second name as well ..The silent urge you need can be when you pick a fight with your parents, that will do wonders to make you want to shrink in the chair or disappear and the fire to approve them will be there 😃
    Totally relatable I swear! !!!

  2. I think being on fire is a very good way to live. Roald Dahl believed in this. Your path will come to you in it’s time and I’m sure sparks will be flying. <3

    • well thank you Mr. Tookles…I hope that happens. And Roald Dahl…I came across one of his quotes that fascinated me: “We have so much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it.” We have little time, Mr. Tookles.

  3. Aww.. Don’t worry.. Everything will swung back to you soon as normal.. 🙂
    Its a boomerang.. 🙂
    Cheer up and come back soon with all smiling face.. 🙂

  4. I think a glass of cold coffee with a smile and recalling some sweet n happening moments during the day makes one cosy to move into the lap of deep slumber. Must try Rupam and enjoy the life😀😀😀

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