Positivity Galore!

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Such an old saying. I might have uttered it umpteen times since childhood. Never really ruminated over it though. It dawned on me today, like fifteen minutes back. I was hearing this pumped up song and the line went like “hai chaah toh, hai raasta”. And in my mind I was like oh! this is hindi version of the aforementioned quote.

Doesn’t it make sense? what actually matters is your will. (Yeah dorky mouth, that’s what the quote is famous for!) I’ll go ahead and say it anyway.

It might be a very miniscule will to change your bed sheets or do your laundry. Or a mighty hefty will to build your own house one day. Will to withstand tribulations. Will to overcome your anxiety phases. Will to be strong enough to let go. Will to smile each day. Will to decide, that even though life will try it’s best to break your bones, you will not give in.

You have the intentions that are not turning into actions?? Put some will to it my friend. :). Because if you have the will, you will most certainly find a way to do it.

16 thoughts on “Positivity Galore!

  1. So true and really an inspiring one too! You charged my your words and going to put my energy to my paused task which I left undone as I was thinking it is not going to be done for me! But you wake me up and reminded that if there is a will, surely gonna have way!
    Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring people around you! 👍

  2. “Maanav bal ke aagay nirbal bhaagya paRha vidyalaya mein,
    Bhagya prabal, manav nirbal ka paaTh parhaati madhushala.”
    – Harivansh Rai

    Who am I to argue with Bachchan sa’ab? 🙂

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