The good, bad, uncalled-for experiences

I fell while riding my scooter. Taking along my friend down, who sat behind me. This happened about four days ago. Yes, nothing serious. All bodily organs in place, working, with little bruises here and there. I normally would have made a big deal out of this incident. I am innately little dramatic about injuries. The blood clot on my left arm is actually making me want to chop off the whole arm altogether. So yeah, little dramatic. But this time around, it was my fault. Plus the added guilt of having made my friend trip. I stayed low-key. Bandaged up. Wore full sleeve shirts to office. No sympathy gaining.

The real surprise came today. We decided to go out for coffee. Yeah, the same friend and I. I was pretty sure she will prefer auto ride after “what had happened”. I mean she was still limping (i know! :/ ) And I was 10% unsure myself about my once-proven-faulty driving skills. But the gall, the balls, the whatever it took for her to say she will sit behind me again!!! I trust you, she said. In my head I went…whattttt?!! People amaze you sometimes. With their big foolish hearts. Days like this, when you won’t be sure about yourself and a few out there are still ready to take a chance on you. Makes you smile, isn’t it.

So we went, had coffee, chilled, returned home safely. End of story. :).

31 thoughts on “The good, bad, uncalled-for experiences

  1. Oh noes!!! Big hug from Holland.. I once had a moped in India.. and I had a girl twice as big as me behind me.. I made a turn to the left but she was too heavy.. so I fell.. and then the moped on top of me.. and then her on top of me. The pain! Bless your friend and I hope you both recover soon <3

  2. NJ says:

    Little tripping is part of riding 😛 So don’t worry and get well soon 🙂
    And yes people surprise us with their generosity 🙂
    Happy monday 🙂

  3. Wow. As someone with real trust issues, I’ve got to say your friend is one SUPER friend. I don’t know that I would have trusted you or the moped or myself to get back up there so quick (no diss on you; just my trust issues). All I can think is, so THAT’S what trust is like…

  4. See that’s a true friend…and I am sure she understood that you didn’t ditch the scooter on purpose….that’s why we get to call it an accident…glad neither of you were hut badly…I would love a vespa but I am scared of them….and I would be the driver…LOL

      • I agree about the fear…but I live in a town where the driving mentality is all about being first, getting there the fastest and who care who’s in your way attitude, we have thought about getting one to put on the RV and take it with us….but hummm probably not….LOL

  5. Hey so frankly telling I haven’t been to your blog much and I am really sorry for that yes I know that I don’t owe you anything but actually for me it was my duty to serve and support my fellow bloggers!
    We didn’t have much convo just a few likes here and there and so I am writing this to you.. just to know you better as a friend! 🙂

    And yes with context to this post,(I don’t know if you’re a man or a woman, but I am taking you’re a man according to this post) I think thag your friend has some special feeling for you and she gave support to you maybe when you were in need!! And yes don’t break her trust man!

    Keep Smiling! 🙂

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