Silence got a whole new meaning

Silence never intrigued me.
Silence was comforting with a close friend. Silence was awkward with a stranger. Silence was an accomplice when sitting alone. Silence was beautiful amidst verdure. Silence was my food for thought. Silence was one of my character traits. It never captured my attention. Never boggled my mind. Never seemed out-of-place. Never stung.

But your silence, it wrenches my heart. Silence was never, ever, so deafening before.

31 thoughts on “Silence got a whole new meaning

  1. sometimes in silence we recollect some of the most beautiful music we have ever heard. Things of the past may never return but sometimes, some memories leave a smile on our face. We should be thankful to them and then move on πŸ™‚ Take care!

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