Pricky Situation

Hand me a family pack of ice cream or a jumbo bag of chips to churn on, that will last through the day. Because that is all I want to do; sit in a blank space and muse over you. Skip my chores and ruminate. Vanish away from these social etiquettes and prance around, like I did, knowing that you own some bit of me. Sit by the beach, have some corn and memorize you in detailed bits and pieces. Sip on a really large mug of coffee and laugh about our silly innuendos. May be I am craving for food, may be I am yearning for you. It is hard to say. I don’t want to be appeased. And food is not going to quench my appetite. So, I just come here and write. With no intentions in mind.

Note to self: Have to shift to happier posts soon.


35 thoughts on “Pricky Situation

  1. Do you know how to smile? Hope you have not forgot? Think about the good memories so that you can make a patronus & smile πŸ™‚ I really loved the line eating corn in the beach. I love corn & also the beach <3

  2. Life is such.. up and down good and bad … it would be pretty bland if not that ..

    so Take care and Chin up .. this tooo shall passsssssssssssssss πŸ™‚

    Take care

  3. Here’s a suggestion only, but something that once worked for me.
    After a relationship–one of those that ends–let’s say not the way I wanted it to. I pulled away for an evening–closed the blinds, locked the door, unplugged the phone. I wrote from the point of view of the other person…the one I kept thinking of, the one I kept dreaming of, the one in my mind. I entered her mind and wrote what she felt about me, about what she really wanted for herself. I looked at me through her eyes.
    Just a suggestion…but I’ll say this–I learned something about her but more about myself.

    • πŸ™‚ thank you so much for the suggestion Paul…it might come handy for me. Plus we get so indulged in our own suffering, we hardly give a thought on what the other person is going through. It might help me I guess, thanks.

      • Dear Roopam,
        Hmm, I agree that we do get so bogged down in our own suffering that…well but here’s the point…the other person might not be suffering at all. You see what I mean? Writing from that person’s point of view pulls you out of yourself and you see better, not the other person necessarily, but you…you see you better.
        Back in the day, I had a hot relationship with a beautiful girl. I was stunned with her loveliness. We met at a party. Even now I remember turning around and through the haze seeing her leaning against the wall with her arms over her head. She had on a short skirt and a cut off top. She looked right at me. It was love at first sight. The relationship was a disaster. She wanted one thing. I wanted another. Neither one of us was right. Neither one of us was wrong. But I do recall sitting at my kitchen table one morning and I started the narrative. With this:
        “Paul isn’t the person I thought he was.” And after a few hours, I realized how everything had essentially gone down the tubes. Sorry to be so insistent.
        Oh, my other bit of advice is to just say to hell with it. Grab a flight to Florence, Italy and drink wine on a roof top hotel with a bunch of fun people and believe me all will be well.

      • yeah….I get what you are saying Paul…your story is relatable and I would rather not think over all of my fuss for now. It is okay. Somethings end. And thanks for being this insistent. I got some perspective.
        And your second piece of advice sounds mighty nice too! I’ll be great, I can tell.

  4. Sometimes we fall sometimes we rise, but we always remember the rise for the depth we had climbed out from. Don’t worry, all iz well πŸ™‚
    By the way, first time when I read the post I was lost admiring the vocabulary! sorry for that πŸ™‚

  5. You thought they were the one, they thought otherwise and now you’re sad. That’s ok, be sad, mourn, feel sorry for yourself…but only for a short while. Then realize what we already know about you, what a truly beautiful, sensitive, caring, intelligent, creative person you are. There really will come a time when you meet the one who is aligned with you and you will think back to this time and it will be ok…take away now what you can, learn about yourself and soon you will be smiling again! xo

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