Massive Sleep Disorder 💤

Deprived of sleep since three nights.
So anything I write probably won’t come out right. I know what is to be done. I know the sane route. I know shit happens. I know each problem is temporary. Yeah I am those freaky miss know-it-all kinds! But the mind is outrageously protesting normalcy. It wants to sulk. It wants to ponder. It wants to sit still and lament. It wants to hold on to something that is left no more. Uhh shudder. The pain and toll of separation. Even sounds so over the top schmaltzy.
It’s a shame we got jinxed baby!
Just give me back my sleep.
P.S. Readers, kindly bear.

19 thoughts on “Massive Sleep Disorder 💤

  1. Try listening to this when you go to bed from your phone if you have a smartphone…if you don’t have a smartphone, concentrate on your breathing, slowly, deeply and just focus on that. Good luck…hope it helps…

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